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Queen's Blade

In a land where a queen is chosen every few years solely by winning a tournament, there can be no short supply of formidable opponents. For one woman warrior however, an early defeat clearly shows her that she is lacking in experience though she may be bountiful in body.

Fortunately, while defeat could spell one's doom, her life is saved by a powerful stranger. But unfortunately for this savior, less-than-pure motives and shrewd family members mean her reward is a prison cell. Her release is prompt when the unseasoned warrior she saved, tired of her current lifestyle of nobility, sets off to prove herself.

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Also known as: Queen's Blade: The Exiled Virgin, Queen's Blade, Sentou Kyoukain Alain, クイーンズブレイド 流浪の戦士

Genres: ActionAdventureEcchiFantasy

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[RS] Queen's Blade - 01 [1080p][BD][B65C3959].mkv 1 540MB
[RS] Queen's Blade - 02 [1080p][BD][D2A0B364].mkv 1 541MB
[RS] Queen's Blade - 03 [1080p][BD][07D13069].mkv 1 540.9MB
[RS] Queen's Blade - 04 [1080p][BD][7DFCC8F1].mkv 1 549.7MB
[RS] Queen's Blade - 05 [1080p][BD][4F2CE205].mkv 1 542.1MB
[RS] Queen's Blade - 06 [1080p][BD][C35285B8].mkv 1 543.2MB
[RS] Queen's Blade - 07 [1080p][BD][9B074691].mkv 1 541.7MB
[RS] Queen's Blade - 08 [1080p][BD][3A5CFBAC].mkv 1 538.7MB
[RS] Queen's Blade - 09 [1080p][BD][A09B0022].mkv 1 545.1MB
[RS] Queen's Blade - 10 [1080p][BD][2A0E8CB1].mkv 1 544.9MB
[RS] Queen's Blade - 11 [1080p][BD][CC221D7C].mkv 1 544MB
[RS] Queen's Blade - 12 [Final][1080p][BD][6E23D663].mkv 1 550.8MB
[RS] Queen's Blade OVA 01 [1080p][BD][8BAF83BC].mkv 1 86.3MB
[RS] Queen's Blade OVA 02 [1080p][BD][4FA705D2].mkv 1 85.5MB
[RS] Queen's Blade OVA 03 [1080p][BD][062F11BE].mkv 1 104.2MB
[RS] Queen's Blade OVA 04 [1080p][BD][744CDD29].mkv 1 100.9MB
[RS] Queen's Blade OVA 05 [1080p][BD][9D0AA34A][v2].mkv 1 94.6MB
[RS] Queen's Blade OVA 06 [1080p][BD][3E2E0A8C].mkv 1 101.9MB

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