image of anime Onmyou Tai Senki

Onmyou Tai Senki

Magano, a parallel realm filled with monsters known as "Kegare," is a place where exorcists deal with all impurities. Benio Adashino is a prodigy exorcist who is recognized for her strength and is summoned to Tokyo by the Exorcist Union. On her way, she plummets into the arms of Rokuro Enmadou, a young exorcist with a troubled past.

But the impurities of Magano do not rest. When these two exorcists witness a couple of children stolen by a Kegare, Benio rushes to save them, dragging Rokuro along with her into Magano. Engaged in a fight she is on the verge of being defeated in, Benio is saved by Rokuro, revealing himself capable of being her rival in talent.

Sousei no Onmyouji tells the story of two talented exorcists who are destined to become the "Twin Star Exorcists" and the prophesised parents of the Miko—the reincarnation of Abe no Seimei—who will cleanse the world of all impurities.

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Also known as: Twin Star Exorcists, 双星の陰陽師

Genres: ActionSupernaturalRomanceFantasyShounen

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9932-episode-001-koujin-kogenta-of-the-byakko.avi 8 229.9MB
9933-episode-002-chi-ryuu-assault.avi 8 213.3MB
9934-episode-003-byakko-clash.avi 8 229.3MB
9935-episode-004-powerful-sword-saikaidou-kotetsu.avi 8 230.4MB
9936-episode-005-clash-of-the-dragon-and-tiger.avi 8 231.6MB
9937-episode-006-dance-toujinfu.avi 8 173.6MB
9938-episode-007-invoke-raging-waves-cutting-soul-sword.avi 8 173.7MB
9939-episode-008-yuuma-and-souma.avi 8 178.2MB
9940-episode-009-a-fighting-heart.avi 8 175.5MB
9941-episode-010-ancient-capital-miraculous-battle.avi 8 175.6MB
9942-episode-011-secret-of-the-ten-ryuu-ruins.avi 8 175.5MB
9943-episode-012-a-frightened-world-daikoujin.avi 8 177.5MB
9944-episode-013-the-bond-between-those-two.avi 8 176.7MB
9945-episode-014-enter-the-fukumaden.avi 8 173.5MB
9946-episode-015-escape-the-kimon.avi 8 173.5MB
9947-episode-016-the-return-of-the-assassin.avi 8 175.8MB
9948-episode-017-the-big-byakko-battle-in-the-water.avi 8 173.9MB
9949-episode-018-the-sealed-fortress.avi 8 173.4MB
9950-episode-019-fight-to-the-death-at-the-secret-hot-spring.avi 8 173.6MB
9951-episode-020-the-terrifying-daikoujin.avi 8 175.1MB
9952-episode-021-and-his-name-is-yakumo.avi 8 175.5MB
9953-episode-022-the-in-engraved-on-the-heart.avi 8 173.3MB
9954-episode-023-byakko-disappears.avi 8 175.4MB
9955-episode-024-the-past-once-again.avi 8 173.7MB
9956-episode-025-unsealed-zero-drive.avi 8 173.5MB
9957-episode-026-dai-kimon-release.avi 8 173.8MB
9958-episode-027-end-of-the-season-madness.avi 8 180.6MB
9959-episode-028-quickening-of-the-seal.avi 8 174.1MB
9960-episode-029-invitation-to-enemy-territory.avi 8 174.1MB
9961-episode-030-an-honorable-man-racing-to-the-shikimon.avi 8 174.7MB
9962-episode-031-built-up-emotions.avi 8 173.9MB
9963-episode-032-gold-rush-on-the-beach.avi 8 174MB
9964-episode-033-reunion-that-transcends-time.avi 8 173.9MB
9965-episode-034-dragon-and-tiger-again.avi 8 174MB
9966-episode-035-the-price-of-power.avi 8 174MB
9967-episode-036-stray-shikigami-kuroku-s-ordeal.avi 8 174.3MB
9968-episode-037-broken-trust.avi 8 174.1MB
9969-episode-038-falling-stars-of-calamity.avi 8 178.2MB
9970-episode-039-climatic-battle-ten-and-chi.avi 8 181.2MB
9971-episode-040-master-power-byakko-reborn.avi 8 179.2MB
9972-episode-041-utsuho-revives.avi 8 176.3MB
9973-episode-042-awakening-of-the-blue.avi 8 177.4MB
9974-episode-043-disgraced-saviour.avi 8 173.8MB
9975-episode-044-red-trap.avi 8 173.1MB
9976-episode-045-burn-souma.avi 8 174.4MB
9977-episode-046-farewell-yakumo.avi 8 174.3MB
9978-episode-047-fierce-attack-of-the-yondaiten.avi 8 174.1MB
9979-episode-048-qualifications-to-be-the-head.avi 8 174.7MB
9980-episode-049-the-end-of-a-dream.avi 8 176MB
9981-episode-050-with-our-bonds-at-stake.avi 8 174.2MB
9982-episode-051-demise-of-the-taikyoku.avi 8 174.2MB
9983-episode-052-during-the-end-of-the-year.avi 8 174MB
35152-credits-001-opening-1.mkv 8 58MB

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