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Oh! Super Milk-Chan

Milk-chan is a drooling, potty-mouthed baby who lives in an apartment with an obsolete robot named Tetsuko, a slug named Hanage, and an uncontrollable pet named Robodog. Whenever the President calls, Milk-chan and the gang rush to the scene to solve any type of problem - whether it's stopping a money counterfeiter hungry for Belgian waffles or counselling a school of drunk fish. At the same time, they have to avoid a nagging landlord, as they're six months behind their rent.

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Also known as: The Super Milk-Chan Show, OH! スーパーミルクチャン

Genres: ActionParodyComedySci-Fi

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9878-episode-001-greedy-spirits-are-coming-to-town.avi 8 233.1MB
9879-episode-002-dioxin-detected-in-giba-chan.avi 8 233.3MB
9880-episode-003-go-sumiya-high-school-baseball-team-.avi 8 233.3MB
9881-episode-004-the-young-boss-returns-from-the-planet.avi 8 233.3MB
9882-episode-005-mochi-rising-and-falling.avi 8 233.3MB
9883-episode-006-the-towering-homeless.avi 8 233.3MB
9884-episode-007-heisei-pig-contest-oink-oink.avi 8 233.3MB
9885-episode-008-virtual-sound-system.avi 8 233.3MB
9886-episode-009-financial-corruption-on-the-asian-island.avi 8 233.3MB
9887-episode-010-a-nightingale-s-song-which-one-will-die.avi 8 233.3MB

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