image of anime Night Walker: Mayonaka no Tantei

Night Walker: Mayonaka no Tantei

Shido Tatsuhiko is not only a private eye... he is also a vampire with no real memory of his past. Joined by Yayoi Matsunaga, a female government agent, Riho Yamazaki, an orphaned teenage girl working as his girl Friday and Guni, a little green imp, Shido must face demonic creatures known as Nightbreed. Meanwhile, Cain, the vampire who made him what he is now, is seeking him...

(Source: ANN)

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Also known as: Nightwalker: The Midnight Detective, NightWalker: Eternal Darkness, Night Walker -真夜中の探偵-

Genres: ActionComedyHorrorMysteryVampire

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