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Naruto Uzumaki and his squadmates, Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno, are sent on a mission to escort a movie crew on its way to film in the Land of Snow. They soon find out that they are accompanying a famous actress, Yukie Fujikaze, who persistently refuses to travel there, making the trip far more difficult than originally intended. After a surprising encounter with ninjas from the Land of Snow, Naruto discovers that there is more to Yukie than meets the eye.

Dai Katsugeki!! Yuki Hime Shinobu Houjou Dattebayo! follows the group as they attempt to overcome the obstacles in the Land of Snow and unveil Yukie′s true purpose there as well.

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Also known as: Naruto the Movie 1: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow, 劇場版 NARUTO 大活劇!雪姫忍法帖だってばよ!!, Naruto: Daikatsugeki! Yukihime Ninpocho Dattebayo!, Naruto: It′s the Snow Princess′ Ninja Art Book!

Genres: ActionAdventureFantasy

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[Anime Time] Naruto Shippuden The Movie (2007).mkv 1 1.9GB
[Anime Time] Naruto Shippuden The Movie 02 - Bonds (2008).mkv 1 1.9GB
[Anime Time] Naruto Shippuden The Movie 03 - The Will Of Fire (2009).mkv 1 1.6GB
[Anime Time] Naruto Shippuden The Movie 04 - The Lost Tower (2010).mkv 1 1.4GB
[Anime Time] Naruto Shippuden The Movie 05 - Blood Prison (2011).mkv 1 1.5GB
[Anime Time] Naruto Shippuden The Movie 06 - Road To Ninja (2012).mkv 1 1.7GB
[Anime Time] Naruto The Movie - Guardians Of The Crescent Moon Kingdom (2006).mkv 1 1.6GB
[Anime Time] Naruto The Movie 02 - Legend Of The Stone Of Gelel (2005).mkv 1 1.7GB
[Anime Time] Naruto The Movie 03 - Ninja Clash In The Land Of Snow (2004).mkv 1 1.4GB
[Anime Time] The Last - Naruto The Movie 07 (2014).mkv 1 2.2GB

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