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Nanatsuiro Drops

Tsuwabaki, a normal school boy, accidentally switches his drink with that of a man with dog ears. It turns him into a small sheep at night, and his only hope for a normal life again is from a chosen girl who will find and catch the 7 Stardrops. The catch is that he can not tell her who he really is.

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Also known as: Seven Colored Drops ななついろ★ドロップス

Genres: AdventureMagicRomanceSchool

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41655-episode-001-what-color-is-fate-.avi 1 180.8MB
41656-episode-002-memories-of-the-color-of-hydrangea.avi 1 176.4MB
41657-episode-003-golden-wishing-star.mkv 1 165.8MB
41658-episode-004-summer-coloured-poolside.avi 1 176.3MB
41659-episode-005-heartbeat-coloured-starry-sky.avi 1 176.4MB
41660-episode-006-gently-colored-sunset.avi 1 176.4MB
41661-episode-007-honey-coloured-bewilderment.avi 1 176.4MB
41662-episode-008-happiness-coloured-wings.avi 1 176.4MB
41663-episode-009-sand-beige-colored-sadness.avi 1 176.4MB
41664-episode-010-silver-colored-full-moon.avi 1 176.4MB
41665-episode-011-teardrop-colored-resolution.avi 1 176.4MB
41666-episode-012-first-love-is-seven-colored.avi 1 176.4MB

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