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My Happy Marriage

Misery seems everlasting in Miyo Saimori′s life. Born from an arranged marriage, she was quickly discarded after her mother′s tragic death. Her father remarried, and her younger half-sister Kaya received all the affection, while Miyo was degraded to a lowly servant. Lacking the strength to fight against her family′s abuse, Miyo loses hope that her luck will ever turn.

Unexpectedly, Miyo′s father summons her to deliver surprising news: she is to marry Kiyoka Kudou, the head of the distinguished Kudou family. Despite his noble background, Kiyoka is known to be a callous man who has thus far dismissed all of his former fiancées.

Upon arriving at the Kudou household, Miyo expects coarse treatment and to be tossed aside. However, contrary to her assumptions, Kiyoka shows her the kindness and love that she has desperately needed. Marrying Kiyoka may be Miyo′s one chance to break free from her neglectful family and embrace a life of happiness.

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Also known as: My Happy Marriage, わたしの幸せな結婚, My Blissful Marriage, Watakon

Genres: DramaFantasyRomance

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S01E01-The Meeting [36631A65].mkv 8 668.5MB
S01E02-About My Husband-to-Be [B06996F8].mkv 8 700.7MB
S01E03-Our First Date [AA9843FE].mkv 8 620.6MB
S01E04-The Gift [0D414C1B].mkv 8 542.6MB
S01E05-Ripples [98143B38].mkv 8 579.5MB
S01E06-Determination and Thunder [A4E83395].mkv 8 545.1MB
S01E07-Glamorous Lady of Summer [C822ED7D].mkv 8 584MB
S01E08-Nightmares and Ominous Shadows [182F5218].mkv 8 649.8MB
S01E09-Drowning in Dreams [5CCC963B].mkv 8 567.1MB
S01E10-Summer Cherry Blossoms, and the Mistake [8FB512E7].mkv 8 576.7MB
S01E11-My Mother's Legacy [419F1125].mkv 8 610.3MB
S01E12-Light in the Darkness [FE51F0D0].mkv 8 465.6MB
S01E13 (OVA)-My Form of Happiness [42D714BC].mkv 8 520.5MB

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