image of anime Miami Guns

Miami Guns

Spoiled rich girl Yao Sakurakouji decides to join the Miami police force to enjoy car chases, gunfights and wanton destruction. The psychotic and not-too-bright Yao is partnered with Lu Amano, the soft-spoken and sharp-tongued daughter of the police chief. Together the dirty duo clean up the streets of Miami and take on a mysterious crime syndicate known only as 'The Organization'.

(Source: ANN)

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Also known as: マイアミ☆ガンズ

Genres: ComedyEcchiPoliceShounen

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Files Server Size
8518-episode-001-the-miami-bank-robbery.mkv 8 226.7MB
8519-episode-002-all-about-the-miami-guns-.mkv 8 222MB
8520-episode-003-spy-miami-girls-school.mkv 8 225.5MB
8521-episode-004-miami-mountain-pass-go-go-go-.mkv 8 222.4MB
8522-episode-005-the-gunman-with-a-little-alligator.mkv 8 228.4MB
8523-episode-006-watermelon-bomb-.mkv 8 234.3MB
8524-episode-007-princess-nokemono.mkv 8 233.9MB
8525-episode-008-the-sea-bikinis-ghosts-.mkv 8 232.5MB
8526-episode-009-ten-million-miami-dollar-woman.mkv 8 229.8MB
8527-episode-010-zenigeba-deka-r.mkv 8 248.9MB
8528-episode-011-burning-plan-of-revenge.mkv 8 230.4MB
8529-episode-012-shameless-guerrilla.mkv 8 230.9MB
8530-episode-013-goodbye-miami-guns-.mkv 8 229.9MB

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