image of anime Major 3rd Season

Major 3rd Season

After leaving Kaido in a promise to meet them at the Koshien tournament, Gorou comes back to his home town once again in an attempt to join up with his old friends. Only this time, things aren't as easy to get back in the groove of.

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Also known as: Major 3rd Season, Major 3, m3, メジャー (第3シリーズ)

Genres: DramaShounenSports

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image of anime Major 2nd season

Major 2nd season

Daigo is born as the son of Gorou, a father who is too great. What path will Daigo, who is burdened with great expectations, take in baseball?

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image of anime Major 5th Season

Major 5th Season

After the baseball season was over, Gorou returned to Japan. There he learned from Toshi that there is going to be a Baseball World Cup the following year hosted in America.

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