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Whether it is investigating stone shrines, tracking rumors, or simply playing hide and seek, Koyomi Araragi is always there to fulfill the requests of his friends from both the human and supernatural worlds. Koyomimonogatari tells a series of short stories involving Koyomi as he helps each of the girls in his cohort solve a mystery or kill some time, alongside previously unexplored problems in this essential prelude to his story's last chapter.

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Also known as: 暦物語

Genres: ComedyMysterySupernatural

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[WBDP] 01 - Koyomi Stone [BD][1080p-FLAC] [24917980].mkv 1 589.8MB
[WBDP] 02 - Koyomi Flower [BD][1080p-FLAC] [547CA0A1].mkv 1 586.7MB
[WBDP] 03 - Koyomi Sand [BD][1080p-FLAC] [8687E0E8].mkv 1 595.9MB
[WBDP] 04 - Koyomi Water [BD][1080p-FLAC] [02B93CAB].mkv 1 612.2MB
[WBDP] 05 - Koyomi Wind [BD][1080p-FLAC] [DFA67863].mkv 1 625.1MB
[WBDP] 06 - Koyomi Tree [BD][1080p-FLAC] [F72732CC].mkv 1 878.1MB
[WBDP] 07 - Koyomi Tea [BD][1080p-FLAC] [EE3C2031].mkv 1 801.4MB
[WBDP] 08 - Koyomi Mountain [BD][1080p-FLAC] [BAF47377].mkv 1 556MB
[WBDP] 09 - Koyomi Torus [BD][1080p-FLAC] [F0234FFA].mkv 1 736.6MB
[WBDP] 10 - Koyomi Seed [BD][1080p-FLAC] [9A420BE2].mkv 1 738MB
[WBDP] 11 - Koyomi Nothing [BD][1080p-FLAC] [3D0BFFCB].mkv 1 550.3MB
[WBDP] 12 - Koyomi Dead [BD][1080p-FLAC] [42D24F76].mkv 1 582.4MB
[WBDP] ED [BD][1080p-FLAC] [E4D47E0A].mkv 1 209.6MB

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