image of anime Kodomo No Omocha S2

Kodomo No Omocha S2

Sana Kurata, a child actress, faces many problems in her classroom, including a major one - her bullying classmate, Akito Hayama. Sana's outgoing and friendly nature leads her to work towards correcting all of the problems around her. Her 'meddling' irritates Hayama but at the same time captivates him, just as Hayama's gloomy nature irritates Sana and compels her to change him. As these two opposites attract each other, they face many hardships which bring them closer to a mutual understanding.

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Also known as: Kodocha: Sana's Stage Child's Toy こどものおもちゃ

Genres: ComedyDramaRomanceSchoolShoujoSlice of Life

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Kodocha - S02E01 - I Met My Best Friend in the Bathroom.mkv 1 228.3MB
Kodocha - S02E02 - The First Kiss Ruined My Life.mkv 1 219.4MB
Kodocha - S02E03 - Sana-chan who cannot love completely!.mkv 1 216.3MB
Kodocha - S02E04 - Actress goes to the mountains to shoot a movie.mkv 1 217.1MB
Kodocha - S02E05 - Really! Really! Sincerely really!.mkv 1 219.3MB
Kodocha - S02E06 - Pretend to be a boyfriend for sushi .mkv 1 243.2MB
Kodocha - S02E07 - There is love in the mountains.With you!!!.mkv 1 220.8MB
Kodocha - S02E08 - Working Hard Recovering From an Injury.mkv 1 233.2MB
Kodocha - S02E09 - Love Awakened After Loss.mkv 1 203.3MB
Kodocha - S02E10 - I`m Not the One Who Gets Turned Down and Cries.mkv 1 210MB
Kodocha - S02E11 - The Continuous Flames of This Summer.mkv 1 214.6MB
Kodocha - S02E12 - Don`t Believe in Rumors.mkv 1 230.7MB
Kodocha - S02E13 - Somewhere there lies the truth.mkv 1 226.7MB
Kodocha - S02E14 - The two of them finally bid goodbye.mkv 1 227MB
Kodocha - S02E15 - Run Away, Run Away, Across the Ocean.mkv 1 205.8MB
Kodocha - S02E16 - Suspense in New York.mkv 1 218.6MB
Kodocha - S02E17 - Experiencing the mysteries of life.mkv 1 197.7MB
Kodocha - S02E18 - Is there a goddess of love now! You also have emerald eyes.mkv 1 200.7MB
Kodocha - S02E19 - Suspense at lunchtime.mkv 1 230MB
Kodocha - S02E20 - It Was A Suddenly Appearing Mother.mkv 1 218.9MB
Kodocha - S02E21 - I know too much! My secret!.mkv 1 243MB
Kodocha - S02E22 - Stupid Mother & Daughter in America.mkv 1 207.2MB
Kodocha - S02E23 - Mother`s conspiracy.mkv 1 232.3MB
Kodocha - S02E24 - Daughter, where in Manhattan are you.mkv 1 223.9MB
Kodocha - S02E25 - Should we go back! Will we go back.mkv 1 207.2MB
Kodocha - S02E26 - Papa, this is all your fault!.mkv 1 214.1MB
Kodocha - S02E27 - The first and last Mother-Son battle.mkv 1 212.2MB
Kodocha - S02E28 - A Father Who is Unable to be a Father.mkv 1 223.7MB
Kodocha - S02E29 - To sing again, three, two, one.mkv 1 236.4MB
Kodocha - S02E30 - Hello, Good Bye, My Love.mkv 1 206.9MB
Kodocha - S02E31 - We Got Along Great Afterwards.mkv 1 230.2MB
Kodocha - S02E32 - Perhaps they are all best couples.mkv 1 207.3MB
Kodocha - S02E33 - The Manager Danger.mkv 1 219.5MB
Kodocha - S02E34 - Dialogue that cannot be spoken.mkv 1 204.4MB
Kodocha - S02E35 - All is clear when you cannot see.mkv 1 205.1MB
Kodocha - S02E36 - Everything suddenly came to a halt!.mkv 1 216.9MB
Kodocha - S02E37 - So This Kind Of Day Has Come!.mkv 1 205MB
Kodocha - S02E38 - Hallelujah on Christmas Eve! My Heart.mkv 1 236.7MB
Kodocha - S02E39 - Mecha Hayama is Hayama`s Mama.mkv 1 253MB
Kodocha - S02E40 - Fan comes to visit first thing in the New Year.mkv 1 211.4MB
Kodocha - S02E41 - A Simple Math Video.mkv 1 223.3MB
Kodocha - S02E42 - Same Name Appears!.mkv 1 208.5MB
Kodocha - S02E43 - Child`s Toy Rises from the Dead.mkv 1 235MB
Kodocha - S02E44 - Back to Normal.mkv 1 222.9MB
Kodocha - S02E45 - Adult love - that could wait!.mkv 1 243.1MB
Kodocha - S02E46 - The happy-lending-money scheme.mkv 1 261.1MB
Kodocha - S02E47 - When My Elder Sister is in Love!.mkv 1 251.9MB
Kodocha - S02E48 - Karate Club Is A Good Place - Come For A Bit.mkv 1 245.2MB
Kodocha - S02E49 - The Blackboard Erasers Disappeared.mkv 1 205.8MB
Kodocha - S02E50 - Three Disappeared Together.mkv 1 172.9MB
Kodocha - S02E51 - Kodocha To Be Continued, Come Hell or High Water!.mkv 1 178.4MB

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