image of anime Kimagure Robot

Kimagure Robot

A brilliant, slightly crazy, and extremely eccentric scientist toils away his days in his lab, creating robots to carry out different tasks. A robot to grant three wishes, a robot to help you write your diary, a robot that intentionally misbehaves in order to keep its master from becoming bored… the robots are each built for a very specific purpose, and can’t really do much of anything else. Luckily for mankind, however, these robots are much more useful than they appear to be at first glance… most of the time, anyway.

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Also known as: The Capricious Robot, きまぐれロボット

Genres: ComedyFantasySci-Fi

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image of anime Kimagure Orange Road

Kimagure Orange Road

Fifteen-year-old Kyosuke Kasuga moves to a new city and becomes enamored by one Madoka Ayukawa, whom often treats him coldly even though she seemed friendly the first time they met, when he caught her red straw hat on the stairs. Kyosuke also must...

image of anime Kimagure Orange Road Pilot

Kimagure Orange Road Pilot

A special made before the rest of the KOR anime to test the possibility of making more. Essentially an alternate TV version of episode 46 , Kyosuke and Madoka go to the beach only to be trapped alone together.

image of anime Kimagure Orange Road - OVA

Kimagure Orange Road - OVA

Kimagure Orange Road OVA is basically the extension from the TV series. The time frame is probably in the middle of the TV series.

Order to view with the TV series.
White Lovers - among the episodes 35 and 45
Hawai Suspence - among the episodes...