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In a dystopian future, two friends dream of freedom... and gain more than they bargain for! Hothead Zed is on the run from the authorities, while his brainy pal Noah struggles with his own battered body. Both find a magical world that seems to offer escape and power undreamed of. Join Zed and his powerful, rebellious spirit Amir Gaul on their search for the ultimate power. It's a force that can save the world—or destroy life as we know it. This is the world of KIBA! Where you must harness the power within and fight with all you got!

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Also known as: Kiba, Fang, 牙-KIBA-

Genres: AdventureFantasyShounen

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6353-episode-001-wind-of-fate.avi 8 175MB
6354-episode-002-new-world.avi 8 175MB
6355-episode-003-those-with-power.avi 8 175MB
6356-episode-004-the-wind-s-decision.avi 8 174.9MB
6357-episode-005-the-country-of-the-buddhist-precepts.avi 8 175MB
6358-episode-006-premature-outcome.avi 8 175MB
6359-episode-007-awakened-thoughts.avi 8 175MB
6360-episode-008-betrayer-s-whereabouts-1f76.avi 8 187.2MB
6361-episode-009-after-the-fight-is-over.avi 8 175MB
6362-episode-010-the-lonely-princess.avi 8 175MB
6363-episode-011-premonition-of-conspiracy.avi 8 175.1MB
6364-episode-012-the-advance-towards-truth.avi 8 175MB
6365-episode-013-strength-to-dash.avi 8 320.9MB
6366-episode-014-the-temptation-of-power.avi 8 174.9MB
6367-episode-015-a-small-treasure.avi 8 175.3MB
6368-episode-016-tragedy-of-a-race.avi 8 175.3MB
6369-episode-017-a-wish-beyond-reach.avi 8 175MB
6370-episode-018-the-prayer-that-doesn-t-die-out.avi 8 175MB
6371-episode-019-the-land-of-darkness.avi 8 175MB
6372-episode-020-reunion.avi 8 175MB
6373-episode-021-an-unforgettable-memory.avi 8 175MB
6374-episode-022-the-maze-of-memories.avi 8 175.1MB
6375-episode-023-bonds.avi 8 175MB
6376-episode-024-the-yellow-shard-of-happiness.avi 8 175MB
6377-episode-025-prologue-to-the-battle.avi 8 175.1MB
6378-episode-026-lonely-memories.avi 8 175.1MB
6379-episode-027-soldiers.avi 8 175MB
6380-episode-028-the-proof-of-existence.avi 8 175MB
6381-episode-029-the-friendship-that-slipped-by.avi 8 175MB
6382-episode-030-showdown.avi 8 175MB
6383-episode-031-compensation-of-ambition.avi 8 175MB
6384-episode-032-expectations-of-a-nation.avi 8 175.1MB
6385-episode-033-lost-radiance.avi 8 175MB
6386-episode-034-the-war-that-happened.avi 8 175MB
6387-episode-035-the-person-who-becomes-sacrifice.avi 8 175MB
6388-episode-036-revived-wing.avi 8 175.1MB
6389-episode-037-capital-city-falls.avi 8 175MB
6390-episode-038-the-fight-without-end.avi 8 175MB
6391-episode-039-enlightenment.avi 8 175MB
6392-episode-040-the-aimed-power.avi 8 175MB
6393-episode-041-captured-thoughts.avi 8 175MB
6394-episode-042-little-saviour.avi 8 175MB
6395-episode-043-revealed-truth.avi 8 172.3MB
6396-episode-044-unsolved-spell.avi 8 174.9MB
6397-episode-045-the-confined-girl.avi 8 175.1MB
6398-episode-046-to-the-ground-of-decision.avi 8 175MB
6399-episode-047-perplexed-saviour.avi 8 175MB
6400-episode-048-advent.avi 8 175MB
6401-episode-049-mother-and-child.avi 8 175.1MB
6402-episode-050-eternity.avi 8 175MB
6403-episode-051-to-the-place-where-the-wind-blows.avi 8 175MB

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