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Kaikan Phrase

Aine never wanted to be a writer; she just created some erotic song lyrics for the sake of entering a contest. When she bumps into a man she doesn't know and loses the lyrics, she thinks she'll never see them again, but she thought wrong! He turns out to be Sakuya, a famous rock vocalist known for his sexy persona and lyrics. When he invites Aine to be his new lyricist, she finds herself quickly sucked into the harsh world of showbiz... and the even harsher world of falling in love with a guy that millions of girls love just as much!

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Also known as: Sensual Phrase Ecstasy Phrase 快感♥フレーズ

Genres: RomanceShoujo

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5968-episode-001-misty-blue.avi 8 111.7MB
5969-episode-002-jam.avi 8 83.7MB
5970-episode-003-into-the-wind.avi 8 111.5MB
5971-episode-004-time-up.avi 8 111.4MB
5972-episode-005-day-by-day.avi 8 103.8MB
5973-episode-006-cradle.avi 8 114.1MB
5974-episode-007-farewell-live.avi 8 113.4MB
5975-episode-008-the-end.avi 8 121.4MB
5976-episode-009-on-the-street.avi 8 74.4MB
5977-episode-010-one-from-the-heart.avi 8 69.7MB
5978-episode-011-some-day.avi 8 70.1MB
5979-episode-012-step-one.avi 8 72.4MB
5980-episode-013-rainy-express.avi 8 96MB
5981-episode-014-grand-prix.avi 8 93.2MB
5982-episode-015-magical-mystery-tour.avi 8 95.6MB
5983-episode-016-rival.avi 8 96.6MB
5984-episode-017-osaka-rapshody.avi 8 91.1MB
5985-episode-018-coming-home.avi 8 81.7MB
5986-episode-019-debut.avi 8 93.3MB
5987-episode-020-history.avi 8 157.4MB
5988-episode-021-hit-chart.avi 8 71MB
5989-episode-022-song-writer.avi 8 255.1MB
5990-episode-023-yesterday.avi 8 252.9MB
5991-episode-024-long-goodbye.avi 8 272.2MB
5992-episode-025-junior.mpg 8 202.1MB
5993-episode-026-knock-out.mpg 8 184MB
5994-episode-027-symapthy.mpg 8 184.4MB
5995-episode-028-scandal.mpg 8 210.8MB
5996-episode-029-destiny.mpg 8 206.3MB
5997-episode-030-unplugged.mpg 8 227.9MB
5998-episode-031-reborn.mpg 8 208.8MB
5999-episode-032-loser.mpg 8 207.7MB
6000-episode-033-after-days.mpg 8 194.2MB
6001-episode-034-actress.mpg 8 207.3MB
6002-episode-035-femme-fatale.mpg 8 188.1MB
6003-episode-036-final-act.mpg 8 200.7MB
6004-episode-037-top-runner.mpg 8 226.2MB
6005-episode-038-mistake.mpg 8 210.7MB
6006-episode-039-painful-choice.mpg 8 229.4MB
6007-episode-040-emotion.mpg 8 248.4MB
6008-episode-041-never-die.mpg 8 196.1MB
6009-episode-042-separate-eve.mpg 8 200.8MB
6010-episode-043-love-melody.mpg 8 229.6MB
6011-episode-044-fly-away.mpg 8 241.9MB

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