image of anime K-ON!! Ura-ON!!

K-ON!! Ura-ON!!

The seven Blu-ray disc volumes of K-ON! have an extra short anime "Ura-ON!"

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Also known as: K-On!: Ura-On!, うらおん!, K-On! Specials, Uraon!, Keion Specials

Genres: Comedy

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Files Server Size
K-ON!! Ura-ON!! 1 - Fortune Telling for Everyone.mp4 1 6.2MB
K-ON!! Ura-ON!! 2 - Souvenir Stories.mp4 1 3.4MB
K-ON!! Ura-ON!! 3 - I Want Siblings.mp4 1 3.5MB
K-ON!! Ura-ON!! 4 - Childhood Memories.mp4 1 5.1MB
K-ON!! Ura-ON!! 5 - MC Grand Prix.mp4 1 4.6MB
K-ON!! Ura-ON!! 6 - Ura-ON!! 3-Minutes Meal.mp4 1 2.7MB
K-ON!! Ura-ON!! 7 - Sakuragaoka Musical Company.mp4 1 2.6MB
K-ON!! Ura-ON!! 8 - Fairy Tale.mp4 1 4.4MB
K-ON!! Ura-ON!! 9 - To The Rescue! Yui-chan-man.mp4 1 4.2MB

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image of anime K-ON!!


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