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The 2008 animated omnibus Indie Anibox: Selma′s Protein Coffee consists of three inventive short films from up-and-coming directors. Kim Woon Ki′s kooky mystery thriller "Wanted" is set in a peaceful village suddenly disrupted by heavy rainfall and the appearance of a strange old woman named Selma. Yeon Sang Ho′s 3-D animation "Love is Protein" is an inventive black comedy about three poor roommates who break their piggy banks to order fried chicken - only to discover their prospective meal is the son of a weeping chicken. Jang Hyung Yoon′s surreal "A Coffee Vending Machine and Its Sword" follows a swordsman who reincarnates as a coffee vending machine and falls in love at first sight with the maintenance girl.

(Source: YesAsia)

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Also known as: Indie Anibox: Selma′s Protein Coffee, 인디애니박스: 셀마의 단백질 커피, Wanted, Love is Protein, Watashi no Coffee Samurai: Jihanki Teki na Kareshi, My Coffee Samurai: A Vending Machine Boyfriend, A Coffee Vending Machine and Its Sword

Genres: ComedyDramaRomanceSci-Fi

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