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Hyper Police

Sasahara Natsuki is a poor bounty hunter in a world where monsters and humans live together. Most of her cases involve monsters infringing upon the rights of humans, who are protected by law from their generally more powerful neighbors. Being half-human and half cat-beast, Natsuki straddles the two societies and tries to understand and respect both while enforcing the law. She is assisted by a werewolf named Batanen who is afraid to admit he loves her; another werewolf named Tommy; and a Kyubi fox demon named Sakura who has her own plans--which include eating Natsuki to complete her her nine tails and thereby her magical powers.

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Also known as: はいぱーぽりす

Genres: ActionComedyPoliceRomanceSci-Fi

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Files Server Size
38153-episode-001-bounty-hunter.mkv 1 233.4MB
38154-episode-002-nine-tail-fox-sakura-appears.mkv 1 233.5MB
38155-episode-003-combination-anxiety.mkv 1 232.9MB
38156-episode-004-a-meal-and-a-night-s-lodging.mkv 1 235.2MB
38157-episode-005-a-night-you-feel-like-crying.mkv 1 235.3MB
38158-episode-006-a-bounty-hunter-s-vacation.mkv 1 235.4MB
38159-episode-007-sorry-.mkv 1 235.7MB
38160-episode-008-no-time-no-money-no-license..mkv 1 235.4MB
38161-episode-009-friendship-like-ice.mkv 1 235.4MB
38162-episode-010-say-goodbye-to-a-cold-jail-cell.mkv 1 235.7MB
38163-episode-011-i-want-the-license.mkv 1 234.6MB
38164-episode-012-osaka-rhapsody.mkv 1 235.1MB
38165-episode-013-cat-s-bell.mkv 1 234.5MB
38166-episode-014-samurai-japan.mkv 1 234.3MB
38167-episode-015-cherry-sakura-blossoms-or-does-it-.mkv 1 234.9MB
38168-episode-016-everybody-strange.mkv 1 234.6MB
38169-episode-017-children-floating-natsuki-fainting.mkv 1 234.4MB
38170-episode-018-an-era-of-cohabitation.mkv 1 234.9MB
38171-episode-019-there-is-no-tomorrow-for-the-cats-.mkv 1 235.9MB
38172-episode-020-a-mysterious-dome.mkv 1 234.5MB
38173-episode-021-the-good-sunny-side-of-the-veranda.mkv 1 234MB
38174-episode-022-peau-s-depression.mkv 1 234.6MB
38175-episode-023-sakura-becomes-insane.mkv 1 234.6MB
38176-episode-024-the-day-of-catastrophe.mkv 1 234.7MB
38177-episode-025-which-do-you-like-.mkv 1 234MB

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