image of anime House of Five Leaves

House of Five Leaves

Masterless samurai Akitsu Masanosuke is a skilled and loyal swordsman, but his naïve, diffident nature has time and again caused him to be let go by the lords who have employed him. Hungry and desperate, he becomes a bodyguard for Yaichi, the charismatic leader of a gang called "Five Leaves." Although disturbed by the gang's sinister activities, Masa begins to suspect that Yaichi's motivations are not what they seem. And despite his misgivings, the deeper he's drawn into the world of the Five Leaves, the more he finds himself fascinated by these devious, mysterious outlaws.

(Source: MU)

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Also known as: House of Five Leaves, Sarai-ya Goyou, さらい屋 五葉

Genres: MysteryHistoricalDramaSamuraiSeinen

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[GotWoot] House of Five Leaves 12 [FINAL][720p H264][F838101E].mkv 1 299.4MB

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