image of anime Honey and Clover

Honey and Clover

Yuuta, Takumi, and Shinobu share a six-tatami room apartment with no bath. The rent is low and it's perfect for poor college students such as themselves. Shinobu is a mysterious, quirky person, who does things on a whim. Takumi is passionate both in work and love, and Yuuta is a simple person with simple dreams and desires. That is, until he meets Hagumi, a petite girl with enormous amount of talent. Hagumi is fondly called Hagu by Shuuji, who serves as Hagu's guardian. Hagu meets Ayumi, nicknamed Ayu, and they become close friends almost instantly. Meanwhile, Ayu falls for one of the boys...

The joys of falling in love, the pain of letting go, discovering one's self, and finding the courage to move on—these are some of the things that the characters in Hachimitsu to Clover experience as they take part in the play staged by fate.

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Also known as: Honey and Clover, HachiKuro, Honey & Clover, ハチミツとクローバー

Genres: ComedyDramaJoseiRomanceSlice of Life

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5339-episode-001-the-day-it-all-began.avi 1 171.4MB
5340-episode-002-the-two-affections-start-to-turn.avi 1 171.8MB
5341-episode-003-these-were-two-unrequited-loves.avi 1 171.8MB
5342-episode-004-the-boy-and-girl-are-swayed.avi 1 171.9MB
5343-episode-005-i-think-of-my-mother-in-my-hometown.avi 1 173.1MB
5344-episode-006-the-past-the-tears-the-confession.avi 1 171MB
5345-episode-007-we-look-for-a-miracle.avi 1 172.6MB
5346-episode-008-because-i-can-t-leave-you-alone.avi 1 169.8MB
5347-episode-009-that-brooch-was-so-heavy.avi 1 164.2MB
5348-episode-010-we-fly-across-the-sky.avi 1 172.7MB
5349-episode-011-love-pushes-us-around.avi 1 171MB
5350-episode-012-the-sudden-kiss-the-unexpected-parting.avi 1 171.2MB
5351-episode-013-all-i-wanted-to-hear-was-that-little-thing.avi 1 171.2MB
5352-episode-014-i-touched-her-in-my-dream.avi 1 161.3MB
5353-episode-015-my-cowardly-self-starts-running.avi 1 171.9MB
5354-episode-016-the-moon-is-calling-her.avi 1 173.7MB
5355-episode-017-i-don-t-even-know-how-i-feel.avi 1 173.6MB
5356-episode-018-he-came-back.avi 1 171.1MB
5357-episode-019-time-begins-to-move-again.avi 1 175.3MB
5358-episode-020-i-pray-to-the-moon-hovering-in-the-night-sky.avi 1 172.7MB
5359-episode-021-i-ve-always-been-scared.avi 1 173.7MB
5360-episode-022-like-a-flower-getting-wet-in-the-rain.avi 1 173.2MB
5361-episode-023-and-so-i-begin-to-run.avi 1 172.9MB
5362-episode-024-we-re-a-continuously-spinning-ferris-wheel.avi 1 172.2MB
5363-special-001-chapter-l.avi 1 176.4MB
5364-special-002-chapter-f.avi 1 174.7MB
[mendoi & Shinsen-Subs] Inukami - 25 [B9E284BE].avi 1 171MB
[Mendoi & Shinsen-Subs] Inukami - 26 [5D4F8BD4].avi 1 232.4MB

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