image of anime Hime-chan's Ribbon

Hime-chan's Ribbon

Erika, the princess of the Magic Kingdom has come to Earth in order to find a human girl who looks just like her. That girl turns out to be Himeko Nonohara, a tomboy's tomboy. Erika must give Himeko a magical item she has created in order to prove her worth as a successor to the crown. Himeko must test this item, a hair ribbon that allows her to transform into any other person she sees, to see if it is worthy. The series follows Himeko's adventures and her budding romance with Daichi, the boy who discovers her secret.

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Also known as: Hime-chan's Ribbon, 姫ちゃんのリボン

Genres: ComedyFantasyMagicRomanceSchoolShoujo

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5250-episode-001-i-became-a-witch.avi 1 170.2MB
5251-episode-002-shock-senpai-s-confession.avi 1 61.4MB
5252-episode-003-becoming-hasekura-senpai.avi 1 80.9MB
5253-episode-004-hime-chan-becomes-the-principal.asf 1 80.9MB
5254-episode-005-the-powerful-girl-hikaru-appears.asf 1 80.9MB
5255-episode-006-daichi-meets-daichi.asf 1 81MB
5256-episode-007-the-secret-is-discovered.asf 1 80.8MB
5257-episode-008-become-the-kidnapper-.rm 1 34.2MB
5258-episode-009-pinch-memory-erasure.rm 1 34.4MB
5259-episode-010-i-like-you-more-than-a-meat-bun-.rm 1 34.4MB
5260-episode-011-ribbon-in-danger-.asf 1 81MB
5261-episode-012-you-said-you-loved-me.rm 1 34.7MB
5262-episode-013-smap-came.rm 1 34.6MB
5263-episode-014-powerful-hikaru-s-great-guess.rm 1 34.6MB
5264-episode-015-pokota-s-sos-from-the-stormy-mountain.rm 1 34.2MB
5265-episode-016-hikaru-s-insight.asf 1 81MB
5266-episode-017-what-i-can-t-change-back.asf 1 81MB
5267-episode-018-i-prefer-your-smiling-face.asf 1 81MB
5268-episode-019-lots-of-chocolate.asf 1 80.9MB
5269-episode-020-the-idol-is-trouble.asf 1 81MB
5270-episode-021-run-for-your-dream.asf 1 80.9MB
5271-episode-022-go-go-granny.asf 1 80.9MB
5272-episode-023-goodbye-to-my-first-love.asf 1 81MB
5273-episode-024-welcome-to-the-land-of-magic.asf 1 80.9MB
5274-episode-025-let-s-go-my-unrivaled-papa.asf 1 81.1MB
5275-episode-026-the-magnetic-female-transfer-student.asf 1 81MB
5276-episode-027-the-story-of-daichi-s-first-love-.asf 1 81.1MB
5277-episode-028-hime-chan-s-justice-.asf 1 81.1MB
5278-episode-029-hearts-tied-by-a-distant-promise.asf 1 81.1MB
5279-episode-030-pokota-run-for-your-love.asf 1 81.1MB
5280-episode-031-the-mother-s-day-cookies....asf 1 81.1MB
5281-episode-032-hikaru-daichi-amp-the-shocking-kiss.asf 1 80.9MB
5282-episode-033-happy-kamilu-big-trouble.asf 1 81MB
5283-episode-034-don-t-give-up-the-soft-boiled-teacher.asf 1 81.1MB
5284-episode-035-be-careful-with-the-puppy-pochi.asf 1 81MB
5285-episode-036-hasekura-sempai-youthful-travels.asf 1 81MB
5286-episode-037-the-day-the-hideout-disappeared.asf 1 81MB
5287-episode-038-mischievous-fairies-causing-big-trouble-.asf 1 81.1MB
5288-episode-039-trap-of-the-sweet-hotcakes.avi 1 81.1MB
5289-episode-040-big-plans-for-a-confused-friendship.asf 1 81.1MB
5290-episode-041-little-lovers.asf 1 81.1MB
5291-episode-042-ufo-camp.asf 1 81MB
5292-episode-043-surprise-at-the-pool.asf 1 80.9MB
5293-episode-044-hikaru-s-quot-she-just-doesn-t-get-it-quot-summer-vacation.asf 1 81MB
5294-episode-045-first-love-memories.asf 1 81MB
5295-episode-046-hasekura-senpai...-goodbye.asf 1 81MB
5296-episode-047-summer-vacation-without-daichi.asf 1 81MB
5297-episode-048-mom-s-the-target.asf 1 81.1MB
5298-episode-049-panic-with-the-heart-wand.asf 1 81MB
5299-episode-050-small-hime-chan-big-mistake.asf 1 81MB
5300-episode-051-the-ribbon-s-promise.asf 1 81.1MB
5301-episode-052-farewell-pokota-.asf 1 81MB
5302-episode-053-writing-a-love-story-is-painful.asf 1 81.1MB
5303-episode-054-manami-fights-for-kendou.asf 1 81MB
5304-episode-055-himeko-s-noisy-love-lecture.asf 1 81.1MB
5305-episode-056-memory-playback.asf 1 81.1MB
5306-episode-057-just-a-little-premonition-of-love.asf 1 81.1MB
5307-episode-058-take-me-to-the-future.asf 1 81MB
5308-episode-059-many-goodbyes.asf 1 81.1MB
5309-episode-060-i-love-daichi.asf 1 81.1MB
5310-episode-061-the-magic-world-in-big-trouble.asf 1 79.2MB

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