image of anime Harukana Receive

Harukana Receive

In beach volleyball, there is no room for aces. To achieve victory, each player must find their one, irreplaceable partner that they can rely on in the court of sand. At least, that is what Haruka Oozora learns on her first day in Okinawa after moving in with her grandmother and her cousin Kanata Higa. While touring a nearby beach, Haruka stumbles upon some girls practicing beach volleyball and is quickly invited to join. This friendly practice game suddenly turns into a match when one of the girls, Narumi Tooi, notices Kanata approaching the court.

Although the two suffer a devastating defeat, Haruka finally realizes the reason for her cousin’s quiet and distant behavior. Kanata and Narumi used to be an exceptionally talented beach volleyball duo, until Kanata quit due to her short height causing problems for Narumi. Now, with the Junior Tournament just weeks away, Haruka must learn the intricacies of competitive beach volleyball and help Kanata overcome her crippling anxiety towards the sport that she once used to love.

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Also known as: Harukana Receive, はるかなレシーブ

Genres: Sports

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Harukana Receive - S01E01 - We Don`t Need Aces.mkv 1 274.9MB
Harukana Receive - S01E02 - Believe in Me.mkv 1 252.2MB
Harukana Receive - S01E03 - I Want to Regain My Former Self.mkv 1 276.6MB
Harukana Receive - S01E04 - Isn`t This Perfect for Us.mkv 1 254.2MB
Harukana Receive - S01E05 - Until You Break.mkv 1 310.7MB
Harukana Receive - S01E06 - I Won`t Break.mkv 1 315.5MB
Harukana Receive - S01E07 - We`re Already Friends.mkv 1 340.9MB
Harukana Receive - S01E08 - I`ll Keep Our Promise.mkv 1 256.9MB
Harukana Receive - S01E09 - This Is How I Feel.mkv 1 304.1MB
Harukana Receive - S01E10 - The One I Wanted to Fight.mkv 1 296.7MB
Harukana Receive - S01E11 - At This Point, We`re Basically Playing Head-to-Head.mkv 1 303.9MB
Harukana Receive - S01E12 - And That`s Why We Choose Our Irreplaceable Partners.mkv 1 331.9MB

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