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Hanamaru Youchien

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[DmonHiro]Hanamaru Kindergarten 01 (BD 720p)[6EDCCD3B].mkv 8 315.9MB
[DmonHiro]Hanamaru Kindergarten 02 (BD 720p)[40CB68F6].mkv 8 330.9MB
[DmonHiro]Hanamaru Kindergarten 03 (BD 720p)[F69CED9C].mkv 8 330.2MB
[DmonHiro]Hanamaru Kindergarten 04 (BD 720p)[B3ACC70B].mkv 8 332MB
[DmonHiro]Hanamaru Kindergarten 05 (BD 720p)[1A5DA40F].mkv 8 331.4MB
[DmonHiro]Hanamaru Kindergarten 06 (BD 720p)[09D307A4].mkv 8 334.5MB
[DmonHiro]Hanamaru Kindergarten 07 (BD 720p)[412F1C6D].mkv 8 363.5MB
[DmonHiro]Hanamaru Kindergarten 08 (BD 720p)[B2AB3AE7].mkv 8 363.5MB
[DmonHiro]Hanamaru Kindergarten 09 (BD 720p)[DAEF3400].mkv 8 332.1MB
[DmonHiro]Hanamaru Kindergarten 10 (BD 720p)[CABBDED9].mkv 8 332.4MB
[DmonHiro]Hanamaru Kindergarten 11 (BD 720p)[3736C3FA].mkv 8 333.5MB
[DmonHiro]Hanamaru Kindergarten 12 (BD 720p)[F8A311BA].mkv 8 336.6MB
[DmonHiro]Hanamaru Kindergarten E00[560DCA4C].mkv 8 44.6MB
[DmonHiro]Hanamaru Kindergarten E01[AC758AC8].mkv 8 22.6MB
[DmonHiro]Hanamaru Kindergarten E02[918CE102].mkv 8 24.2MB
[DmonHiro]Hanamaru Kindergarten E03[E274580A].mkv 8 23.6MB
[DmonHiro]Hanamaru Kindergarten E04[09C4CFF4].mkv 8 19.6MB
[DmonHiro]Hanamaru Kindergarten E05[74AB0D49].mkv 8 29.4MB
[DmonHiro]Hanamaru Kindergarten E06[7C3ECFC8].mkv 8 33.3MB
[DmonHiro]Hanamaru Kindergarten E07[EF13EAF5].mkv 8 32.2MB
[DmonHiro]Hanamaru Kindergarten E08[C3818F4B].mkv 8 29.5MB
[DmonHiro]Hanamaru Kindergarten E09[8E4E046D].mkv 8 52.4MB
[DmonHiro]Hanamaru Kindergarten E10[E0016E14].mkv 8 19.2MB
[DmonHiro]Hanamaru Kindergarten E11[72245C2E].mkv 8 35.2MB
[DmonHiro]Hanamaru Kindergarten E12[094C8F63].mkv 8 26.7MB
[DmonHiro]Hanamaru Kindergarten E13[C39AF463].mkv 8 22.5MB
[DmonHiro]Hanamaru Kindergarten E14[5CA4469A].mkv 8 10.3MB
[DmonHiro]Hanamaru Kindergarten E15[80427ECA].mkv 8 9.2MB
[DmonHiro]Hanamaru Kindergarten E16[AD84DC20].mkv 8 10.3MB

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image of anime Hanamaru Kindergarten

Hanamaru Kindergarten

Anzu goes to a kindergarten with her friends, the shy Koume and the eccentric Hiiragi. Together they try to attract attention from their caretaker Tsuchida. However, he is clearly more interested in the pretty Yamamoto who supervises the class next...