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Gon, a tiny dinosaur with a huge attitude, has adventures as he travels through forests and rivers, swims with fish and even flies with birds. Gon and his animal friends communicate without speaking, with Gon giving the occasional bite to teach a bully a lesson.

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Also known as: Gon ゴン

Genres: ActionAdventureDramaSeinen

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[Zorori-Project] Gon - 01 [H264][1280x720][2F351E5A].avi 8 478.8MB
[Zorori-Project] Gon - 02 [H264][1280x720][DB59E001].avi 8 451.5MB
[Zorori-Project] Gon - 03 [H264][1280x720][9EA48B14].avi 8 451.5MB
[Zorori-Project] Gon - 04 [H264][1280x720][64554E3B][V2].avi 8 451.5MB
[Zorori-Project] Gon - 05 [H264][1280x720][976938E2][V2].avi 8 451.7MB
[Zorori-Project] Gon - 06 [H264][1280x720][3FD85AAB][V2].avi 8 451.5MB
[Zorori-Project] Gon - 07 [H264][1280x720][78A91058].avi 8 451.4MB
[Zorori-Project] Gon - 08 [H264][1440x810][9E473611].avi 8 450.5MB
[Zorori-Project] Gon - 09 [H264][1440x810][1D79E6DF].avi 8 450.6MB
[Zorori-Project] Gon - 10 [H264][1440x810][49FD590D].avi 8 450.8MB
[Zorori-Project] Gon - 11 [H264][1440x810][AE259028].avi 8 451.1MB
[Zorori-Project] Gon - 12 [H264][1440x810][216EF737].avi 8 446.4MB
[Zorori-Project] Gon - 13 [H264][1440x810][797242FA].avi 8 451.1MB
[Zorori-Project] Gon - 14 [H264][1440x810][73CBBB33].avi 8 467.8MB
[Zorori-Project] Gon - 15 [H264][1440x810][304F88A1].avi 8 450.5MB
[Zorori-Project] Gon - 16 [H264][1440x810][C27814A8].avi 8 461.2MB
[Zorori-Project] Gon - 17 [H264][1440x810][A3D93211].avi 8 483.7MB

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