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The half-divine King of Uruk, Gilgamesh, was considered but a paltry legend... until his majestic tomb was discovered in the Middle East. This imperial crypt drew scientists from across the globe to the land, and with that came recognition of their fame. In a joint effort, they built Heaven's Gate in pursuit of advancing human knowledge.

One day, a group of terrorists driven by greed attack Heaven's Gate, causing an explosion within the facility for archaeological excavation. The resulting phenomenon had much more impact than anyone could have imagined.

More specifically, it triggered the birth of supernatural beings. In the midst of this mess, two siblings by the names of Kiyoko and Tatsuya encounter mysterious men with supernatural powers who, despite the scientific crisis around them, claim the ability to restore good to the world. Nevertheless, these seemingly heroic and all-powerful creatures act under the rule of factions. Are they here to save the world, or destroy it?

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Also known as: Gilgamesh, ギルガメッシュ

Genres: DramaFantasySci-FiSupernatural

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4317-episode-001-the-prelude-les-pr-ludes.mkv 8 242MB
4318-episode-002-the-countess-of-werdenberg-gr-fin-werdenberg.mkv 8 242.1MB
4319-episode-003-children-of-a-lesser-god.mkv 8 242.2MB
4320-episode-004-hotel-providence.mkv 8 241.1MB
4321-episode-005-dynamis.mkv 8 196.7MB
4322-episode-006-the-sheltering-sky.mkv 8 197.1MB
4323-episode-007-dissonance.mkv 8 196.7MB
4324-episode-008-farewell-winter-adieu-l-hiver.mkv 8 196.7MB
4325-episode-009-in-the-core-settlement.mkv 8 197.2MB
4326-episode-010-saint-terrorism.mkv 8 197.3MB
4327-episode-011-far-from-xx.mkv 8 196.5MB
4328-episode-012-the-merry-widow-die-lustige-witwe.mkv 8 196.6MB
4329-episode-013-pomegranate.mkv 8 195.7MB
4330-episode-014-october-project.mkv 8 196.3MB
4331-episode-015-la-blattaria.mkv 8 197.5MB
4332-episode-016-insomnia-nessun-dorma.mkv 8 196.9MB
4333-episode-017-hammer-piano-hammerklavier.mkv 8 196.8MB
4334-episode-018-blue-zone.mkv 8 197MB
4335-episode-019-orga-superior.mkv 8 196.5MB
4336-episode-020-tear.mkv 8 196.6MB
4337-episode-021-delphys.mkv 8 250.3MB
4338-episode-022-heaven-s-gate.mkv 8 250.8MB
4339-episode-023-sacrifice.mkv 8 250.3MB
4340-episode-024-cleansing-flood.mkv 8 250.6MB
4341-episode-025-conversation-piece.mkv 8 250.9MB
4342-episode-026-gil-games-night.mkv 8 252.7MB

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