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Genius Party

A collection of seven individual and unique shorts which range from touching to downright bizarre. With each story different from the last, we encounter monsters going to school, a man who has a hard time dealing with himself, and a child who learns the hard way about the circle of life, as well as many other unique characters and experiences.

A journey through the minds of the most prolific artists in Japan, this compilation truly is the setting of a Genius Party.

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Also known as: Shanghai Dragon, Deathtic 4, Doorbell, Limit Cycle, Happy Machine, Baby Blue, ジーニアスパーティー

Genres: ActionSci-FiMusicDementiaPsychologicalRomanceFantasyMecha

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37333-part-1-of-7-genius-party.mkv 8 131.4MB
37334-part-2-of-7-shanghai-dragon.mkv 8 316.4MB
37335-part-6-of-7-happy-machine.mkv 8 186.1MB
37336-part-7-of-7-baby-blue.mkv 8 166.8MB
[BSS] Genius Party - 01 [Genius Party][h264][2A79E082].mkv 8 131.4MB
[BSS] Genius Party - 02 [Shanghai Dragon][h264][BF44A3DB].mkv 8 316.4MB
[BSS] Genius Party - 03 [Deathtic 4] [DBE77E84].mkv 8 141.9MB
[BSS] Genius Party - 04 [Doorbell][h264][B1171408].mkv 8 138.8MB
[BSS] Genius Party - 05 [Limit Cycle] [79563821].mkv 8 454.8MB
[BSS] Genius Party - 06 [Happy Machine][h264][5EF84BAA].mkv 8 186.1MB
[BSS] Genius Party - 07 [Baby Blue][h264][79A3D5B0].mkv 8 166.8MB

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