image of anime Genesis Of Aquarion EVOL

Genesis Of Aquarion EVOL

Sousei no Aquarion Evol is set in the spring of 1966. Shin Tsukishima, who is travelling to get a crystal radio, meets Yuno Kawazu, a girl crying on a beach in Izu. Shin and Yuno are guided by the Book of Genesis and meet each other halfway. The boundaries between three worlds begin to distort. (Source: ANN) Original episode that will be screened at Project Aquarion's 10th Anniversary event scheduled to be held on June 28, 2015.

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Also known as: 創勢のアクエリオンEVOL, Sousei no Aquarion Love, Genesis of Aquarion EVOL

Genres: MechaRomanceSci-Fi

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