image of anime GEAR Senshi Dendoh

GEAR Senshi Dendoh

The story takes place in the future where war machines from evil mechanical alien empire Garufa finally reaches Earth. In order to protect earth, an Earth defense organization called GEAR (Guard Earth and Advanced Reconnaissance) is formed. GEAR has an ultimate weapon in a form of war mecha, GEAR Fighter Dendoh, which is piloted by two elementary school students, namely Kusanagi Hokuto and Izumo Ginga. Can the friendship between Hokuto and Ginga unleashed the full potential power of Dendoh in order to fight Garufa?

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Also known as: GEAR Senshi Dendoh, Guard Earth and Advanced Reconnaissance Fighter Dendo, GEAR Senshi Dendou

Genres: ActionAdventureMechaSchoolSci-FiSpace

Files Server Size
37267-episode-001-the-first-day.-dendoh-launches-.mkv 1 224.6MB
37268-episode-002-the-unicorn-drill-appears-.mkv 1 224.5MB
37269-episode-003-knight-ogre-attacks-.mkv 1 224.5MB
37270-episode-004-the-trembling-spiral-castle-.mkv 1 224.5MB
37271-episode-005-explode-viper-whip-.mkv 1 224.6MB
37272-episode-006-courage-of-the-leo-circle.mkv 1 224.5MB
37273-episode-007-assault-bull-horn.avi 1 233.1MB
37274-episode-008-a-new-companion.avi 1 185.5MB
37275-episode-009-disappearing-data-weapon.avi 1 168MB
37276-episode-010-zero-seconds-before-dendoh-s-destruction.avi 1 191.8MB
37277-episode-011-decisive-match-dendoh-vs.-ogre.avi 1 187.5MB
37278-episode-012-omen-of-crisis.avi 1 178.5MB
37279-episode-013-ginga-s-father-comes-home.avi 1 187.2MB
37280-episode-014-no-power-.avi 1 185.3MB
37281-episode-015-ghost-story-the-school-s-data-weapon.avi 1 145.8MB
37282-episode-016-the-demon-from-the-moon.avi 1 200.4MB
37283-episode-017-lagowe-s-teeth.avi 1 177.4MB
37284-episode-018-8000-meter-deep-battle.avi 1 161.5MB
37285-episode-019-resurrected-life.avi 1 200.6MB
37286-episode-020-burn-ginga-.avi 1 259.7MB
37287-episode-021-revived-black-knight-.avi 1 271.5MB
37288-episode-022-mother-s-secret.avi 1 235.2MB
37289-episode-023-locked-memories.avi 1 218.1MB
37290-episode-025-in-midst-of-flames.avi 1 287.8MB
37291-episode-026-the-day-spiral-city-falls.avi 1 324.6MB
37292-episode-027-stealthy-shadow.avi 1 269.2MB
37293-episode-028-subaru-s-challenge.avi 1 269.9MB
37294-episode-029-hokuto-in-danger.avi 1 252.5MB
37295-episode-030-greatest-rival-.avi 1 170.7MB
37296-episode-031-hokuto-s-cries-ginga-s-tears.avi 1 174.2MB
37297-episode-032-fly-subaru-.avi 1 171.3MB
37298-episode-033-gear-destruction-.avi 1 150.2MB
37299-episode-034-zero-attack-.avi 1 174.3MB
37300-episode-035-takeoff-to-space.avi 1 198.5MB
37301-episode-036-sea-of-storms.avi 1 197.3MB
37302-episode-037-the-truth-about-alctos.avi 1 172.9MB
37303-episode-038-legend-of-the-star-and-the-start-of-a-day.avi 1 208.5MB
Gear Fighter Dendoh - 07[8A475EC2][Infusion].avi 1 233.1MB
gear fighter dendoh - 11.avi 1 187.5MB
gear fighter dendoh - 12.avi 1 178.5MB
gear fighter dendoh - 13.avi 1 187.2MB
gear fighter dendoh - 14.avi 1 185.3MB
gear fighter dendoh - 15.avi 1 145.8MB
gear fighter dendoh - 16.avi 1 200.4MB
gear fighter dendoh - 17.avi 1 177.4MB
gear fighter dendoh - 18.avi 1 161.5MB
gear fighter dendoh - 19.avi 1 200.6MB
gear fighter dendoh - 20.avi 1 259.7MB
gear fighter dendoh - 21.avi 1 271.5MB
gear fighter dendoh - 22.avi 1 235.2MB
gear fighter dendoh - 23.avi 1 218.1MB
gear fighter dendoh - 24.avi 1 225.2MB
gear fighter dendoh - 25.avi 1 287.8MB
gear fighter dendoh - 26.avi 1 324.6MB
gear fighter dendoh - 27.avi 1 269.2MB
gear fighter dendoh - 28.avi 1 269.9MB
gear fighter dendoh - 29.avi 1 252.5MB
gear fighter dendoh - 30.avi 1 170.7MB
gear fighter dendoh - 31.avi 1 174.2MB
gear fighter dendoh - 32.avi 1 171.3MB
gear fighter dendoh - 33.avi 1 150.2MB
gear fighter dendoh - 34.avi 1 174.3MB
gear fighter dendoh - 35.avi 1 198.5MB
gear fighter dendoh - 36.avi 1 197.3MB
gear fighter dendoh - 37.avi 1 172.9MB
gear fighter dendoh - 38.avi 1 208.5MB

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