image of anime Gall Force: Earth Chapter

Gall Force: Earth Chapter

The year 2085 and the only winners of the last war were the machines. Years previously the human race discovered the ruins of an ancient ship beneath the moon's surface and used the knowledge gained to create weapons of war. Eventually these weapons turned against mankind, seeing them as a threat and deciding the only way to stop these war loving humans was to destroy them. Heavily influenced by the 1988 Terminator movie, this new series focuses upon Sandy Newman as she leads a band of warriors in an attempt to reclaim the earth from the machines. If they can reach a group of unlaunched nuclear missiles, they can take out the machine`s headquarters located in Australia.

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Also known as: Gall Force: Earth Chapter, ガルフォース地球章

Genres: ActionMilitarySci-FiMecha

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[AM] OVA 1 Rhea Gall Force.ogm 8 348MB
[AM] OVA 2 Earth Chapter 01.ogm 8 348.4MB
[AM] OVA 2 Earth Chapter 02.ogm 8 348.9MB
[AM] OVA 2 Earth Chapter 03.ogm 8 348.2MB
[AM] OVA 3 New Era 01v2.mkv 8 347.2MB
[AM] OVA 3 New Era 02.mkv 8 346.8MB
[Anime-Takeover] Gall Force 1 Eternal Story Movie (F070E360).ogm 8 700.1MB
[Anime-Takeover] Gall Force 2 Destruction Movie (682F23B9).ogm 8 656.3MB
[Anime-Takeover] Gall Force 3 Stardust War Movie (BAF0A6C0).ogm 8 689.9MB
[Kotomi][Odyssey] Gall Force The Revolution 1 - WAR STORM - [LD][XviD][MP3] [8DD4C21F].mkv 8 312.4MB
[Kotomi][Odyssey] Gall Force The Revolution 2 - GALAXY RUN - [LD][XviD][MP3] [E6DFD660].mkv 8 254.7MB
[Kotomi][Odyssey] Gall Force The Revolution 3 - SOLDIER PLANT - [LD][XviD][MP3] [74907274].mkv 8 317.9MB
[Kotomi][Odyssey] Gall Force The Revolution 4 - HOME WAY - [LD][XviD][MP3] [A69B54F0].mkv 8 334.6MB

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