image of anime Fighting Foodons

Fighting Foodons

An 11-year old boy named Zen bands together with his younger sister, Karen, and a young boy who has a large appetite, Pitan, to battle an evil empire by using their "Foodons"; strange monsters that are created from various foods.

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Also known as: Kakutou Ryouri Densetsu Bistro Recipe, Bistro Recipe, Bistro Recipe - Fighting Chef Zen, Legend of Grapple Cooking Bistro Recipe, 格闘料理伝説ビストロレシピ

Genres: AdventureComedyFantasyGameShounen

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Files Server Size
Fighting Foodons.01.Rice to Meet You.rmvb 1 52.4MB
Fighting Foodons.02.Pie Tin Power.rmvb 1 60.5MB
Fighting Foodons.03.Mushroom With a View.rmvb 1 62.8MB
Fighting Foodons.04.You Wanna Pizza Me.rmvb 1 57MB
Fighting Foodons.05.Ship of Foods.rmvb 1 63.3MB
Fighting Foodons.06.We Have a Weiner.rmvb 1 67.9MB
Fighting Foodons.07.Avast Ye Gluttons.rmvb 1 52.9MB
Fighting Foodons.08.Battling Banana Island.rmvb 1 54MB
Fighting Foodons.09.Hot Pepper Attack.rmvb 1 54.7MB
Fighting Foodons.10.Boot Camp Buffet.rmvb 1 55.2MB
Fighting Foodons.11.El Taco Grande.rmvb 1 58.9MB
Fighting Foodons.12.Cinamonkeys Island.rmvb 1 53.5MB
Fighting Foodons.13.Slaw and Order.rmvb 1 53.3MB
Fighting Foodons.14.The Comeback Squid.rmvb 1 55.2MB
Fighting Foodons.15.Swine Dining.rmvb 1 57.3MB
Fighting Foodons.16.Attack of the Burger Brigade.rmvb 1 59MB
Fighting Foodons.17.Use Your Noodle.rmvb 1 53.2MB
Fighting Foodons.18.Assault and Pepper.rmvb 1 51.5MB
Fighting Foodons.19.License to Grill.rmvb 1 53.6MB
Fighting Foodons.20.To Catch a Beef.rmvb 1 55.2MB
Fighting Foodons.21.Hot and Spy c.rmvb 1 56.1MB
Fighting Foodons.22.You Go Grill.Part 1.rmvb 1 59.3MB
Fighting Foodons.23.You Go Grill.Part 2.rmvb 1 53.6MB
Fighting Foodons.24.A Whole Lot at Steak.rmvb 1 52.4MB
Fighting Foodons.25.Chase In Space.rmvb 1 50.7MB
Fighting Foodons.26.A Dish Better Served Cold.rmvb 1 58.3MB

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