image of anime Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure

Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure

Kazuki Yotsuga is your regular average nerd in high-school, except he isn't smart. He has this website which relates to his visions that only he can see. His vision's are about robots who keep fighting each other battle after battle. One day he is sent to a, "parallel world" where these visions exist and he joins a company to fight back against the devious RaRa, who want to take over the world.

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Also known as: Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure, Dual! Parare Runrun Monogatari, Dual! Parallel Lun-Lun Monogatari, デュアル!ぱられルンルン物語

Genres: ActionComedyHaremMechaSci-FiShounen

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Files Server Size
Dual.01.Dual.Audio.XViD.[AM].avi 8 223MB
Dual.02.Dual.Audio.XViD.[AM].avi 8 222.8MB
Dual.03.Dual.Audio.XViD.[AM].avi 8 222.7MB
Dual.04.Dual.Audio.XViD.[AM].avi 8 222.9MB
Dual.05.Dual.Audio.XViD.[AM].avi 8 223MB
Dual.06.Dual.Audio.XViD.[AM].avi 8 223.2MB
Dual.07.Dual.Audio.XViD.[AM].avi 8 223MB
Dual.08.Dual.Audio.XViD.[AM].avi 8 223.1MB
Dual.09.Dual.Audio.XViD.[AM].avi 8 223MB
Dual.10.Dual.Audio.XViD.[AM].avi 8 222.8MB
Dual.11.Dual.Audio.XViD.[AM].avi 8 223.1MB
Dual.12.Dual.Audio.XViD.[AM].avi 8 223.4MB
Dual.13.Dual.Audio.XViD.[AM].avi 8 212.4MB
Dual.14.Dual.Audio.XViD.[AM].avi 8 253MB

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