image of anime Dogeza de Tanondemita

Dogeza de Tanondemita

"Grovel enough, and you′ll get what you want."

This is the motto that Suwaru Doge firmly stands by, believing that kneeling and begging will grant him the majestic view of a woman′s naked body. After realizing the power of groveling in the dogeza stance, Doge wastes no time in exploiting it for lewd requests. Targeting the cutest and hottest girls in the school, he is one step closer to his goal of beholding their nude bodies, no matter what harm it may cause to his social standing.

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Also known as: Dogeza: I Tried Asking While Kowtowing., 土下座で頼んでみた, I Tried Asking In Dogeza

Genres: ComedyFantasyEcchi

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Files Server Size
S01E01-Minori Gakesaka.mkv 1 682.4MB
S01E02-Indeterminate Equation.mkv 1 650MB
S01E03-No Panties No Problem!.mkv 1 660.6MB
S01E04-Hardboiled Dogezaland.mkv 1 677.4MB
S01E05-Hey There!.mkv 1 645.9MB
S01E06-Rei Shioya.mkv 1 640.4MB
S01E07-Tama Kyan.mkv 1 655.7MB
S01E08-I'm a Baby Now.mkv 1 671.8MB
S01E09-Heaven or Hell.mkv 1 652.2MB
S01E10-How's Work Going.mkv 1 672.5MB
S01E11-Class 4 Hazardous Materials.mkv 1 685.7MB
S01E12-She Made Herself My Sister.mkv 1 707MB
S01E13-Isekai-hen.mkv 1 705.6MB

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