image of anime DigiGirl Pop!: Strawberry & Pop Mix Flavor

DigiGirl Pop!: Strawberry & Pop Mix Flavor

One fine day, a robot by the name of "Digi-girl" fell from the sky and landed near the nail-saloon operated by Nails, a nail-artist who likes all things pretty. Nails took Digi-girl in, hoping that she can help out with the household chorse. However, much to her desperation, the latter is completely useless with cleaning matters and constantly fumbles with dire results. On top of that, she creates a commotion where-ever she goes, be it in school or on the streets. This is a cute and "pop" story about a robot girl mixing together with other peculiar townsfolk.

(Source: ANN)

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Also known as: デジガールPOP! 〜STRAWBERRY&POP MIX FLAVOR〜

Genres: ComedySci-Fi

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