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Plot Summary: Thirteen years after their sudden disappearance, an alien race known as the Heterodyne resurface without warning. To combat the Heterodyne, three office workers from the 21st Century Security Corporation operate Dai-Guard - a giant robot no longer regarded as an oversized paperweight. Unfortunately, Dai-Guard is somewhat obsolete and in disrepair. It's a tough job, but salarymen can also save the world.

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Also known as: Dai-Guard, Daiguard, 地球防衛企業ダイ・ガード

Genres: AdventureComedyMechaMilitarySci-Fi

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Files Server Size
Dai-Guard - 01 - Disaster from the Sea [AnimePitStop].avi 1 230.5MB
Dai-Guard - 02 - The Fort At Night. Huge Offisive-Defensive Battle [AnimePitStop].avi 1 231.5MB
Dai-Guard - 03 - Circumstances of a Hero [AnimePitStop].avi 1 237.8MB
Dai-Guard - 04 - The Heroine's Melancholy [AnimePitStop].avi 1 234.4MB
Dai-Guard - 05 - Can't Run Facing the Setting Sun [AnimePitStop].avi 1 234.2MB
Dai-Guard - 06 - Memories Taught Me [AnimePitStop].avi 1 227.1MB
Dai-Guard - 07 - Fire and Ice [AnimePitStop].avi 1 229.7MB
Dai-Guard - 08 - A Strange Day [AnimePitStop].avi 1 231.2MB
Dai-Guard - 09 - Explosion! Knot Buster! [AnimePitStop].avi 1 232MB
Dai-Guard - 10 - Wages That Correspond to Justice [AnimePitStop].avi 1 232.1MB
Dai-Guard - 11 - Two Heterodynes Attack Tokyo [AnimePitStop].avi 1 232.1MB
Dai-Guard - 12 - Shinjuku At Night. Big Battle [AnimePitStop].avi 1 232.1MB
Dai-Guard - 13 - Things That Can Be Forgiven, Things That Can't [AnimePitStop].avi 1 232MB
Dai-Guard - 14 - Top Secret [AnimePitStop].avi 1 221.3MB
Dai-Guard - 15 - We Are All Alive [AnimePitStop].avi 1 232.1MB
Dai-Guard - 16 - Always Sunny in the Soul [AnimePitStop].avi 1 232.1MB
Dai-Guard - 17 - I'd Like To Sleep As If Dreaming [AnimePitStop].avi 1 232.1MB
Dai-Guard - 18 - Run Towards Tomorrow [AnimePitStop].avi 1 223MB
Dai-Guard - 19 - White Contract [AnimePitStop].avi 1 233.9MB
Dai-Guard - 20 - Blue Promise [AnimePitStop].avi 1 228MB
Dai-Guard - 21 - False Memories [AnimePitStop].avi 1 231MB
Dai-Guard - 22 - So That I Can Remain Myself [AnimePitStop].avi 1 234.9MB
Dai-Guard - 23 - What Do You Want to Protect [AnimePitStop].avi 1 231.9MB
Dai-Guard - 24 - Something That Covers the Sky [AnimePitStop].avi 1 234.9MB
Dai-Guard - 25 - Thoughts That Keep Piling Up [AnimePitStop].avi 1 233.9MB
Dai-Guard - 26 - Victory Song For Tomarow [AnimePitStop].avi 1 235.1MB

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