image of anime Brave Police J-Decker

Brave Police J-Decker

Grade schooler Yuuta Tominaga stumbles upon Deckerd, a humanoid robot under construction by the Japanese police, built to fight advanced forms of crime. Yuuta's constant contact with Deckerd gives the robot a "heart," or personality; when Yuuta is recruited as the "boss" of the "Brave Police" as a result, a true human/robot partnership occurs.

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Also known as: Brave Police J-Decker, 勇者警察ジェイデッカー

Genres: ActionAdventurePoliceMechaSci-Fi

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Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP03.x264.AC3-CalChi.avi 8 233.3MB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP03.x264.AC3-CalChi.smi 8 25.5KB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP04.x264.AC3-CalChi.avi 8 233.4MB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP04.x264.AC3-CalChi.smi 8 27.3KB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP05.x264.AC3-CalChi.avi 8 233.3MB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP05.x264.AC3-CalChi.smi 8 32.6KB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP06.x264.AC3-CalChi.avi 8 233.4MB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP06.x264.AC3-CalChi.smi 8 22KB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP07.x264.AC3-CalChi.avi 8 233.4MB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP07.x264.AC3-CalChi.smi 8 21.7KB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP08.x264.AC3-CalChi.avi 8 233.3MB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP08.x264.AC3-CalChi.smi 8 34.3KB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP09.x264.AC3-CalChi.avi 8 233.3MB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP09.x264.AC3-CalChi.smi 8 29KB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP10.x264.AC3-CalChi.avi 8 233.3MB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP10.x264.AC3-CalChi.smi 8 29KB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP11.x264.AC3-CalChi.avi 8 233.3MB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP11.x264.AC3-CalChi.smi 8 28KB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP12.x264.AC3-CalChi.avi 8 233.2MB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP12.x264.AC3-CalChi.smi 8 24.1KB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP13.x264.AC3-CalChi.avi 8 233.4MB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP13.x264.AC3-CalChi.smi 8 24.2KB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP14.x264.AC3-CalChi.avi 8 233.3MB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP14.x264.AC3-CalChi.smi 8 23.9KB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP15.x264.AC3-CalChi.avi 8 233.4MB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP15.x264.AC3-CalChi.smi 8 24.1KB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP16.x264.AC3-CalChi.avi 8 233.4MB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP16.x264.AC3-CalChi.smi 8 25.5KB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP17.x264.AC3-CalChi.avi 8 233.4MB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP17.x264.AC3-CalChi.smi 8 27.4KB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP18.x264.AC3-CalChi.avi 8 233.2MB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP18.x264.AC3-CalChi.smi 8 23KB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP19.x264.AC3-CalChi.avi 8 233.4MB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP19.x264.AC3-CalChi.smi 8 31.8KB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP20.x264.AC3-CalChi.avi 8 233.3MB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP20.x264.AC3-CalChi.smi 8 29.7KB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP21.x264.AC3-CalChi.avi 8 233.3MB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP21.x264.AC3-CalChi.smi 8 27.7KB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP22.x264.AC3-CalChi.avi 8 233.3MB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP22.x264.AC3-CalChi.smi 8 25.7KB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP23.x264.AC3-CalChi.avi 8 233.3MB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP23.x264.AC3-CalChi.smi 8 21.9KB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP24.x264.AC3-CalChi.avi 8 233.3MB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP24.x264.AC3-CalChi.smi 8 18.8KB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP25.x264.AC3-CalChi.avi 8 233.3MB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP25.x264.AC3-CalChi.smi 8 22.4KB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP26.x264.AC3-CalChi.avi 8 233.4MB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP26.x264.AC3-CalChi.smi 8 22.7KB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP27.x264.AC3-CalChi.avi 8 233.3MB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP27.x264.AC3-CalChi.smi 8 26.4KB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP28.x264.AC3-CalChi.avi 8 233.3MB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP28.x264.AC3-CalChi.smi 8 45.5KB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP29.x264.AC3-CalChi.avi 8 233.2MB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP29.x264.AC3-CalChi.smi 8 26.7KB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP30.x264.AC3-CalChi.avi 8 233.3MB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP30.x264.AC3-CalChi.smi 8 27.9KB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP31.x264.AC3-CalChi.avi 8 233.3MB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP31.x264.AC3-CalChi.smi 8 23.3KB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP32.x264.AC3-CalChi.avi 8 233.3MB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP32.x264.AC3-CalChi.smi 8 23.9KB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP33.x264.AC3-CalChi.avi 8 233.3MB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP33.x264.AC3-CalChi.smi 8 30.5KB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP34.x264.AC3-CalChi.avi 8 233.3MB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP34.x264.AC3-CalChi.smi 8 43.8KB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP35.x264.AC3-CalChi.avi 8 233.3MB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP35.x264.AC3-CalChi.smi 8 32.7KB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP36.x264.AC3-CalChi.avi 8 233.3MB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP36.x264.AC3-CalChi.SMI 8 24.6KB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP37.x264.AC3-CalChi.avi 8 233.3MB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP37.x264.AC3-CalChi.smi 8 28KB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP38.x264.AC3-CalChi.avi 8 233.3MB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP38.x264.AC3-CalChi.smi 8 37.4KB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP39.x264.AC3-CalChi.avi 8 233.3MB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP39.x264.AC3-CalChi.smi 8 30.5KB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP40.x264.AC3-CalChi.avi 8 233.2MB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP40.x264.AC3-CalChi.smi 8 40.2KB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP41.x264.AC3-CalChi.avi 8 233.3MB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP41.x264.AC3-CalChi.smi 8 24.7KB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP42.x264.AC3-CalChi.avi 8 233.4MB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP42.x264.AC3-CalChi.smi 8 31.3KB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP43.x264.AC3-CalChi.avi 8 233.4MB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP43.x264.AC3-CalChi.smi 8 19.5KB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP44.x264.AC3-CalChi.avi 8 233.2MB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP44.x264.AC3-CalChi.smi 8 29.3KB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP45.x264.AC3-CalChi.avi 8 233.3MB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP45.x264.AC3-CalChi.smi 8 32KB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP46.x264.AC3-CalChi.avi 8 233.3MB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP46.x264.AC3-CalChi.smi 8 27.6KB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP47.x264.AC3-CalChi.avi 8 233.4MB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP47.x264.AC3-CalChi.smi 8 21.5KB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP48.x264.AC3-CalChi.avi 8 233.4MB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.EP48.x264.AC3-CalChi.smi 8 26.8KB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.NCED.x264.AC3-CalChi.avi 8 11.2MB
Brave Police J-Decker.1994.NCOP.x264.AC3-CalChi.avi 8 20.2MB
용자경찰 제이데커.zip 8 418.4KB

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