image of anime Bokura no Ameiro Protocol

Bokura no Ameiro Protocol

Shun Tokinoya is a second-year high school student who lives with his mother and younger sister. After his father was killed in an accident and his sister was injured, he quit the game he loved and now works at an esports café called "FOX ONE." He spends all of his time studying and working part-time, while also socializing with his childhood gaming buddies. Suddenly, he discovers that "FOX ONE" is deeply in debt. Shun and his friends hope to win the "Xaxerion Championship" and the prize money in order to repay their debts. Shun returns to the world of online games, where he is confronted by Bakuretsu-kun, who used to play the game with him.

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Also known as: Protocol: Rain, 僕らの雨いろプロトコル, Our Rainy Protocol

Genres: Action

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[ASW] Bokura no Ameiro Protocol - 01 [1080p HEVC][EE2067A1].mkv 8 274.1MB
[ASW] Bokura no Ameiro Protocol - 02 [1080p HEVC][973E688C].mkv 8 185.3MB
[ASW] Bokura no Ameiro Protocol - 03 [1080p HEVC][5EDB3E27].mkv 8 154.7MB
[ASW] Bokura no Ameiro Protocol - 04 [1080p HEVC][ED489F6B].mkv 8 272.5MB
[ASW] Bokura no Ameiro Protocol - 05 [1080p HEVC][3286AECF].mkv 8 214.5MB
[ASW] Bokura no Ameiro Protocol - 05 [1080p HEVC][3286AECF].mkv 8 214.5MB
[ASW] Bokura no Ameiro Protocol - 06 [1080p HEVC][C28ACF10].mkv 8 189.4MB
[ASW] Bokura no Ameiro Protocol - 07 [1080p HEVC][60A63849].mkv 8 180.2MB
[ASW] Bokura no Ameiro Protocol - 08 [1080p HEVC][221D95BF].mkv 8 162.8MB
[ASW] Bokura no Ameiro Protocol - 09 [1080p HEVC][53CBF22E].mkv 8 200.4MB
[ASW] Bokura no Ameiro Protocol - 10 [1080p HEVC][20ECEE5A].mkv 8 156.7MB
[ASW] Bokura no Ameiro Protocol - 11 [1080p HEVC][B180470B].mkv 8 154.1MB
[ASW] Bokura no Ameiro Protocol - 12 [1080p HEVC][2CCDEB97].mkv 8 203.6MB

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