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Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

In a futuristic world, the Maruhage Empire is a militant organization out to steal everyone's hair, and thus their freedom. But a brave man with an afro of gold and nose hairs of steel stands up against their tyranny. Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, trained in the ways of hair, rescues a teenager named Beauty from the grunts of the Maruhage Empire. Together, they start on a journey to defeat Emperor Tsuru Tsurulina IV. As Bo-bobo meets new friends and battles foes along the way, so too does he begin his quest to save all the hairs of the world!

Light-hearted and comical, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo details a wacky adventure in which Bo-bobo and his companions fight all sorts of villains and deviants within the Maruhage Empire, all the while having a fun and exciting adventure.

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Also known as: Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, Boboboobo Boobobo, Bo-Bobo, Boboboubo Boubobo, ボボボーボ・ボーボボ

Genres: Sci-FiAdventureComedyShounen

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01 - bo-nafide soulful bo-tector of hair [moonsong].avi 8 175.8MB
02 - let's get wiggy with it! [moonsong].avi 8 175.9MB
03 - wacky quacker cooks his own goose! [moonsong].avi 8 175.8MB
04 - bababa-ba ba-baba! the honorable king nose hair [moonsong].avi 8 175.9MB
05 - to be or snot to be [moonsong].avi 8 175.9MB
06 - pasta... the perfect food[C-W].avi 8 176.5MB
07 - queen chicken level and the video store of dumb [C-W].avi 8 176.9MB
08 - we all scream for ice cream! [C-W] (HQ).avi 8 175.6MB
09 - gasser up! i'm ready to drive! [c-w] (hq).avi 8 176.5MB
10 - protect the environment something stinks in here[C-W] (HQ).avi 8 173.7MB
11 - a bird in the hand still smells fowl! [C-W] (HQ).avi 8 174.4MB
12 - the weally wobbly world of bo-bobo's foe, general jelly jiggler! [C-W] (HQ).avi 8 178.6MB
13 - bo-bobo's rappin' roller coaster ride [C-W] (HQ).avi 8 175.1MB
14 - haunted haunted hollowbo-bobo! [moonsong].avi 8 174.9MB
15 - general jelly jiggler - supreme hair enemy or dastardly dessert [moonsong].avi 8 174.1MB
16 - snot in my neighborhood! [moonsong].avi 8 174.2MB
17 - the ducktail versus afro showdown [moonsong].avi 8 174.1MB
18 - beauty is in the eye of her holder [C-W] (HQ).avi 8 173.8MB
19 - the entangled nose hair of destiny! who will pass the test [moonsong].avi 8 174.4MB
20 - world of blabs-a-lot - the sappiest place on earth.avi 8 175.6MB
21 - good-bye bo-bobo! the final showdown [moonsong].avi 8 174.4MB
22 - hatenko the hunk has the key to your heart! [moonsong].avi 8 175.2MB
23 - weddings, wiggin's, and water torture [moonsong].avi 8 175.1MB
24 - the terrifying z-block is here! [Moonsong].avi 8 174MB
25 - the new bo-bobo with the old bo-bobody! [C-W].avi 8 174.6MB
26 - dengaku man, pixie or pitbull - he'll love you or hate you! [FIXED!].AVI 8 95.8MB
27 - luck let a wiggin' see... how nice a hanky can be! [moonsong].avi 8 174.3MB
28 - mortal match! fist of nose hair vs. fist of rice! [C-W].avi 8 172.4MB
29 - bo-bobo and rice instant rice - ready in half an hour {C P}.avi 8 179.4MB
30 - revenge is a dish best served cold with shiitake mushroom sauce [C-W].avi 8 173.1MB
31 - the ultimate five assassins vs. bo-bobo all stars [moonsong].avi 8 174.4MB
32 - enter bobopatchiggler! is that how it's spelled [moonsong].avi 8 174.1MB
33 - it ain't over 'til the fat lady sings! [moonsong].avi 8 174.4MB
34 - torpedo girl, man or myth or mythes[P7].avi 8 175.4MB
35 - king nose hair presents 'the follicle follies of the future'[moonsong].avi 8 174.1MB
36 - next stop... holy guacamole land![moonsong].avi 8 175.1MB
37 - holy guacamole land isn't just for breakfast anymore![moonsong].avi 8 175.1MB
38 - money castle! cash only please credit cards not accepted[moonsong].avi 8 175.1MB
39 - the terrible triplets vs. the wiggin' trio[moonsong].avi 8 175.1MB
40 - the fall of halekulani! and the winter of discontent![moonsong].avi 8 175.1MB
41 - the magical battle against halekulani[moonsong].avi 8 175.1MB
42 - bobobo braves the board game thats bery bery bothersome[p7].avi 8 169.9MB
43 - ha-le oo-pu ah-ah![moonsong].avi 8 175.1MB
44 - the seriously circular skirmish in cyber city[moonsong].avi 8 175MB
45 - begin the bungee battle! last one down is a rotten egg! [moonsong].avi 8 175.1MB
46 - libraries and driving tests[moonsong].avi 8 175MB
47 - A battle of skills and wills with one green onion... or is that garlic[moonsong].avi 8 175.1MB
48 - silly singing saves the show from a sinister scoundrel[moonsong].avi 8 175.1MB
49 - the battle of brains begins![moonsong].avi 8 175.2MB
50 - giga goes gaga! alarming attacks with aggressive art[moonsong].avi 8 175.1MB
51 - The Art of Art and the Fist of All Fists![C P].avi 8 170.4MB
52 - gasser's back! a whole new season, same old stench![moonsong].avi 8 170.1MB
53 - dancin' and trainin' for quickly attainin' the enemies' painin'[moonsong].avi 8 175.1MB
54 - The War of the roses, and diasies, and tulips[C P].avi 8 172.3MB
55 - the gang's all here! and boy, are they weird![moonsong].avi 8 170.1MB
56 - The Ultimate SF Battle! Supreme Fisticuffs or Certain Free-for-All[C P].avi 8 168.4MB
57 - The Water Slide That's Bonafide to Leave You Terrified![C P].avi 8 166.9MB
58 - Face the Cold Hard Facts! It's Freezing in Here![C P].avi 8 163.5MB
59 - Enemy Cruisin' for a Bruisin' Then Just Try Fusion![C P].avi 8 165.3MB
60 - Blowing Your Savings On Bubbles- Is It Worth It[C P].avi 8 166.5MB
61 - United We Stand, Divided We Also Stand, Just Further Apart![C P].avi 8 184.4MB
62 - Good night sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bug[C P].avi 8 168.7MB
63 - Our Dream Team Turns Bad Dreams to Bad Guys` Screams![C P].avi 8 170.9MB
64 - Geometry 101 Painful Perplexing and Pungent Polygons![C P].avi 8 173.4MB
65 - The Unreal Meal That's a Major Ordeal for Real![C P].avi 8 173.8MB
66 - Fishcake Frenzy! The Freeze Dried, French Fried, Freaked Out Fracas![C P].avi 8 173.2MB
67 - The Pacifist That Packs a Pinch Like a Pugilist[C P].avi 8 209.5MB
68 - The Battle of Baldy Bald - Buckle Up and Brace Yourself[C P].avi 8 167.9MB
69 - Yummy, Yummy, Yummy! Bo-BoBo's in My Tummy![C P].avi 8 173.3MB
70 - Baldy Bald Bottoms Out! Best of Luck, Be Well and Bye-Bye![C P].avi 8 170.9MB
71 - Funneled Into a Tunnel and Bamboozled by Noodles![C P].avi 8 172.2MB
72 - Si Senor, It's No Bore! It's Hair Hunters Galore[C P].avi 8 173.3MB
73 - Take a Stance Against the Dance, Mr. Smarty-Pants![C P].avi 8 172MB
74 - The Bigger the Gasser, the Smellier the Gas![C P].avi 8 174.6MB
75 - Finally! The Final Fight of Finality! Except The Final One![moonsong].avi 8 170.3MB
76 - Finally! The Final Fight of Finality! This Time We Mean It![C P].avi 8 171.9MB
Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Ending 1.mp4 8 20.3MB
Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Ending 2.mp4 8 20.2MB
Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Ending 3.mp4 8 20.2MB
Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Opening 2.mp4 8 23.4MB

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image of anime Boboboubo Boubobo

Boboboubo Boubobo

In a futuristic world, the Maruhage Empire is a militant organization out to steal everyone's hair, and thus their freedom. But a brave man with an afro of gold and nose hairs of steel stands up against their tyranny. Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo,...