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Blue Gender takes place in the not too distant future in a world where things have gone terribly wrong for humanity. Humans have been replaced at the top of the food chain by the Blue, a race of bug-like aliens that have colonized Earth and pushed humans aside. A space station, Second Earth, has been constructed as a safe haven for humans, with the hope of one day reclaiming the Earth once more. Yuji Kaido was cryogenically frozen, having been suffering from a disease known as B-Cells. Once awakened, he joins a team of soldiers that have come to Earth to extract him. Unfortunately, nothing goes according to plan as they make their way back to Second Earth. Yuji will have to deal with the horrors of fighting a bloody war as he and the fighters from Second Earth look to survive. Will they be able to win back Earth without losing their humanity?

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Also known as: Blue Gender, BLUE GENDER

Genres: AdventureRomanceMechaMilitarySci-FiHorrorSpaceDrama

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(G P) Blue Gender 01(x264)(68443407).mkv 8 259.7MB
(G P) Blue Gender 02v2(x264)(1B022023).mkv 8 244MB
(G P) Blue Gender 03v2(x264)(B8AAF98A).mkv 8 261.6MB
(G P) Blue Gender 04(x264)(6F4388EC).mkv 8 259.4MB
(G P) Blue Gender 05(x264)(EC3E502C).mkv 8 261.7MB
(G P) Blue Gender 06(x264)(7D5A74BA).mkv 8 261.2MB
(G P) Blue Gender 07(x264)(C539EBC0).mkv 8 260.7MB
(G P) Blue Gender 08(x264)(E6BAA489).mkv 8 261.6MB
(G P) Blue Gender 09(x264)(E578DABB).mkv 8 261.4MB
(G P) Blue Gender 10(x264)(04836042).mkv 8 261.9MB
(G P) Blue Gender 11(x264)(5B992EBC).mkv 8 262.1MB
(G P) Blue Gender 12(x264)(A7BF6734).mkv 8 261.7MB
(G P) Blue Gender 13(x264)(B91169F6).mkv 8 262.4MB
(G P) Blue Gender 14(x264)(26A33618).mkv 8 260.6MB
(G P) Blue Gender 15(x264)(815BDACB).mkv 8 261.1MB
(G P) Blue Gender 16(x264)(B27AE7F3).mkv 8 260.7MB
(G P) Blue Gender 17(x264)(E8150C3A).mkv 8 260.9MB
(G P) Blue Gender 18(x264)(A0E23572).mkv 8 261MB
(G P) Blue Gender 19(x264)(BC208665).mkv 8 261MB
(G P) Blue Gender 20(x264)(E60EDEC2).mkv 8 260.3MB
(G P) Blue Gender 21(x264)(48C63895).mkv 8 260.8MB
(G P) Blue Gender 22(x264)(CE54D434).mkv 8 261.5MB
(G P) Blue Gender 23(x264)(C7AAE183).mkv 8 260.7MB
(G P) Blue Gender 24(x264)(98D577B2).mkv 8 261.1MB
(G P) Blue Gender 25(x264)(47DF00D2).mkv 8 261.1MB
(G P) Blue Gender 26(x264)(36B0B0CE).mkv 8 278.4MB
[Kametsu] Blue Gender - The Warrior (2002) (DVD 540p Hi10 AC3x2) [Dual-Audio] [0BAC6437].mkv 8 1.6GB

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