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April 6th, 2011—that was the day that 15-year-old You Satou was knocked unconscious while reaching for a half-priced bento, a prepackaged meal sold at the supermarket. By the time he woke up on the ground, all the bento boxes were gone. He left the supermarket hungry and in pain, only for the same thing to happen the next day.

You soon learn that, in the world of Ben-To, discounted bentos are sacred and highly-sought after, and in order to get one, you needed to fight your way to the top. These bento brawls are fought by experienced fighters known as “Wolves”, who leave the inexperienced and weak “Dogs” like him lying on the ground in defeat. In a world where the weak are left hungry and only the strong can dine, You must train under the guidance of the silver-haired “Ice Queen”, Sen Yarizui, to become a bento-eating wolf himself.

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Also known as: Ben-To, Bento, Ben-Tou, ベン・トー

Genres: ActionComedyMartial Arts

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[CBM] Ben-To - 01 - Natto Okra Rice Bowl with Cheese Topping Bento 440kcal [1080p FLAC] [620037EA].mkv 1 1.3GB
[CBM] Ben-To - 02 - Mackerel Boiled in Miso Bento 674kcal [1080p FLAC] [00D58D6F].mkv 1 1.3GB
[CBM] Ben-To - 03 - Large Cheese Pork Cutlet Curry Rice 1080kcal [1080p FLAC] [4859FAC4].mkv 1 1.1GB
[CBM] Ben-To - 04 - Ginger Fried Pork Bento 852kcal [1080p FLAC] [A652640F].mkv 1 1.2GB
[CBM] Ben-To - 05 - Hokkaido Salmon Fish Soup 326kcal [1080p FLAC] [4AC52FB5].mkv 1 1.1GB
[CBM] Ben-To - 06 - Special Hokkaido Style Fried Chicken Bento 795kcal [1080p FLAC] [C18D0947].mkv 1 1.4GB
[CBM] Ben-To - 07 - Bosomelet Bento 752kcal and Loco Moco Bulging Bento 1100kcal [1080p FLAC] [F3555BD8].mkv 1 1.6GB
[CBM] Ben-To - 08 - Hamburg Steak Loaded with Garlic Chives Bento 765kcal [1080p FLAC] [C28D6A08].mkv 1 1.3GB
[CBM] Ben-To - 09 - Piping Hot Porridge Bento 340kcal [1080p FLAC] [64CEA352].mkv 1 1.5GB
[CBM] Ben-To - 10 - Rice with Plenty of Stewed Seasonal Vegetables Bento 480kcal [1080p FLAC] [116B184D].mkv 1 1.6GB
[CBM] Ben-To - 11 - Pocari Sweat 125kcal [1080p FLAC] [4C04ADBF].mkv 1 1.4GB
[CBM] Ben-To - 12 - Domestic Eel Bento 790kcal [1080p FLAC] [BB5ECB48].mkv 1 1.8GB

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