image of anime Ballroom e Youkoso

Ballroom e Youkoso

Feckless high school student Tatara Fujita wants to be good at something - anything. Unfortunately, he's about as average as a slouchy teen can be. The local bullies know this, and make it a habit to hit him up for cash, but all that changes when the debonair Kaname Sengoku sends them packing. Sengoku's not the neighborhood watch, though. He's a professional ballroom dancer. And once Tatara Fujita gets pulled into the world of the ballroom, his life will never be the same. (from manga)

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[Erai-raws] Ballroom e Youkoso - 01 [1080p AVC-YUV444P10][AC-3][9D96068A].mkv 5 810.8MB
[Erai-raws] Ballroom e Youkoso - 02 [1080p AVC-YUV444P10][AC-3][B6F53B99].mkv 5 806.3MB
[Erai-raws] Ballroom e Youkoso - 03 [1080p AVC-YUV444P10][AC-3][093D2C56].mkv 5 849.5MB
[Erai-raws] Ballroom e Youkoso - 04 [1080p AVC-YUV444P10][E-AC3][0E2D700F].mkv 5 815.4MB
[Erai-raws] Ballroom e Youkoso - 05 [1080p AVC-YUV444P10][E-AC3][544F9E52].mkv 5 803.4MB
[Erai-raws] Ballroom e Youkoso - 06 [1080p AVC-YUV444P10][E-AC3][5FF2E0E0].mkv 5 1.2GB
[Erai-raws] Ballroom e Youkoso - 07 [1080p AVC-YUV444P10][E-AC3][AB1057D6].mkv 5 1.1GB
[Erai-raws] Ballroom e Youkoso - 08 [1080p AVC-YUV444P10][E-AC3][DAE3D7BC].mkv 5 1.1GB
[Erai-raws] Ballroom e Youkoso - 09 [1080p AVC-YUV444P10][E-AC3][FB2C9A58].mkv 5 1.4GB
[Erai-raws] Ballroom e Youkoso - 10 [1080p AVC-YUV444P10][E-AC3][AF5B0687].mkv 5 809.7MB
[Erai-raws] Ballroom e Youkoso - 11 [1080p AVC-YUV444P10][E-AC3][E191E36A].mkv 5 782.7MB
[Erai-raws] Ballroom e Youkoso - 12 [1080p AVC-YUV444P10][E-AC3][2A689EB6].mkv 5 756.8MB
[Erai-raws] Ballroom e Youkoso - 13 [1080p AVC-YUV444P10][E-AC3][49265430].mkv 5 640.3MB
[Erai-raws] Ballroom e Youkoso - 14 [1080p AVC-YUV444P10][E-AC3][77281543].mkv 5 726.1MB
[Erai-raws] Ballroom e Youkoso - 15 [1080p AVC-YUV444P10][E-AC3][0A06E02A].mkv 5 712.3MB
[Erai-raws] Ballroom e Youkoso - 16 [1080p AVC-YUV444P10][E-AC3][E41DFD5F].mkv 5 675.4MB
[Erai-raws] Ballroom e Youkoso - 17 [1080p AVC-YUV444P10][E-AC3][75A9AFC6].mkv 5 697.3MB
[Erai-raws] Ballroom e Youkoso - 18 [1080p AVC-YUV444P10][E-AC3][B3219B99].mkv 5 725.8MB
[Erai-raws] Ballroom e Youkoso - 19 [1080p AVC-YUV444P10][E-AC3][2591185F].mkv 5 674.4MB
[Erai-raws] Ballroom e Youkoso - 20 [1080p AVC-YUV444P10][E-AC3][3008BCE7].mkv 5 656.6MB
[Erai-raws] Ballroom e Youkoso - 21 [1080p AVC-YUV444P10][E-AC3][B2BDE4B2].mkv 5 768MB
[Erai-raws] Ballroom e Youkoso - 22 [1080p AVC-YUV444P10][E-AC3][ED86E152].mkv 5 782MB
[Erai-raws] Ballroom e Youkoso - 23 [1080p AVC-YUV444P10][E-AC3][A9EABF6A].mkv 5 680.5MB
[Erai-raws] Ballroom e Youkoso - 24 END [1080p AVC-YUV444P10][E-AC3][416526EA].mkv 5 815.7MB

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