image of anime Azur Lane

Azur Lane

Grotesque, strong enemy called Siren has suddenly appeared from the sea. In order to fight against them, a group of army Azure Lane has formed. They were successful in stopping the attack from Siren for a moment using warships, the different ideals from the people who formed it has shown. The story is about girls fight the strong enemies that they never face while dealing with the trouble in each camp.

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Also known as: アズールレーン

Genres: ActionMilitaryHistorical

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[Erai-raws] Azur Lane - 01 [1080p].mkv 8 1.3GB
[Erai-raws] Azur Lane - 02 [1080p].mkv 8 1.4GB
[Erai-raws] Azur Lane - 03 [1080p].mkv 8 1.4GB
[Erai-raws] Azur Lane - 04 [1080p].mkv 8 1.3GB
[Erai-raws] Azur Lane - 05 [1080p].mkv 8 1.3GB
[Erai-raws] Azur Lane - 06 [1080p].mkv 8 1.3GB
[Erai-raws] Azur Lane - 07 [1080p].mkv 8 1.3GB
[Erai-raws] Azur Lane - 08 [1080p].mkv 8 1.4GB
[Erai-raws] Azur Lane - 09 [1080p].mkv 8 1.3GB
[Erai-raws] Azur Lane - 10 [1080p].mkv 8 1.3GB
[Erai-raws] Azur Lane - 11 [1080p].mkv 8 1.3GB
[Erai-raws] Azur Lane - 12 END [1080p].mkv 8 1.3GB

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