image of anime Area 88 OVA

Area 88 OVA

Shin Kazama, tricked and forced into flying for the remote country of Aslan, can only escape the hell of war by earning money for shooting down enemy planes or die trying. Through the course of the series, Shin must deal with the consequences of killing and friends dying around him as tries to keep his mind on freeing himself from this nightmare.

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Also known as: Area 88 OVA, エリア88

Genres: ActionMilitaryAdventureDramaRomance

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Area 88 Act III.avi 1 1GB
[Blitz]Area 88 OVA - 01 [flawed] [5EF8A0E2].mkv 1 1.4GB
[Blitz]Area 88 OVA - 02 [flawed] [08DD0E37].mkv 1 1.3GB

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