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Air Gear

Itsuki Minami needs no introduction—everybody's heard of the "Babyface" of the Eastside. He's the toughest kid at Higashi Junior High School, easy on the eyes but dangerously tough when he needs to be. Plus, Itsuki lives with the mysterious and sexy Noyamano sisters. Life is never dull, but it becomes dangerous when Itsuki leads his school to victory over some vindictive Westside punks with gangster connections. Now he stands to lose his school, his friends, and everything he cares about. But in his darkest hour, the Noyamano girls come to Itsuki's aid. They can teach him a powerful skill that will save their school from the gangsters' siege–and introduce Itsuki to a thrilling and terrifying new world.

(Source: Del Rey)

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Also known as: Air Gear AirGear, Air Gear Unlimited エア・ギア

Genres: ActionComedyDramaEcchiRomanceSchoolSci-FiShounenSportsSupernatural

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[joseole99] Air Gear - 07 (640x480 h264 AC3 AC3) [EAF43991].mkv 8 334.3MB
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[joseole99] Air Gear - 09 (640x480 h264 AC3 AC3) [60EC05B0].mkv 8 283.9MB
[joseole99] Air Gear - 10 (640x480 h264 AC3 AC3) [89CCD0BE].mkv 8 324.1MB
[joseole99] Air Gear - 11 (640x480 h264 AC3 AC3) [CAA007CD].mkv 8 282MB
[joseole99] Air Gear - 12 (640x480 h264 AC3 AC3) [395748D1].mkv 8 357.8MB
[joseole99] Air Gear - 13 (640x480 h264 AC3 AC3) [6B247A83].mkv 8 306.5MB
[joseole99] Air Gear - 14 (640x480 h264 AC3 AC3) [A00C3E28].mkv 8 285.4MB
[joseole99] Air Gear - 15 (640x480 h264 AC3 AC3) [3DBE11F8].mkv 8 330.2MB
[joseole99] Air Gear - 16 (640x480 h264 AC3 AC3) [B847C80A].mkv 8 307.8MB
[joseole99] Air Gear - 17 (640x480 h264 AC3 AC3) [270F0AED].mkv 8 322.2MB
[joseole99] Air Gear - 18 (640x480 h264 AC3 AC3) [D6043ACC].mkv 8 306.4MB
[joseole99] Air Gear - 19 (640x480 h264 AC3 AC3) [BBEFA23E].mkv 8 277.9MB
[joseole99] Air Gear - 20 (640x480 h264 AC3 AC3) [952A9EFF].mkv 8 380.5MB
[joseole99] Air Gear - 21.0 (640x480 h264 AC3 AC3) [1B64DCD5].mkv 8 334.5MB
[joseole99] Air Gear - 21.5 (640x480 h264 AC3 AC3) [1D9B7ACE].mkv 8 344.8MB
[joseole99] Air Gear - 22 (640x480 h264 AC3 AC3) [2F5CCBDD].mkv 8 294.9MB
[joseole99] Air Gear - 23 (640x480 h264 AC3 AC3) [AC756813].mkv 8 294.5MB
[joseole99] Air Gear - 24 (640x480 h264 AC3 AC3) [E9E9DF3B].mkv 8 351.1MB
[joseole99] Air Gear - 25 (640x480 h264 AC3 AC3) [3ABF778D].mkv 8 318MB
[joseole99] Air Gear - NCED (640x480 h264 AC3 AC3) [3B54404B].mkv 8 36.5MB
[joseole99] Air Gear - NCOP (640x480 h264 AC3 AC3) [A7E9E20B].mkv 8 20.1MB

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