image of anime Adventures of Peter Pan

Adventures of Peter Pan

Wendy and her two little brothers are brought to the land of adventures, Neverland, by Peter pan, a boy who will never grow up. In Neverland they encounter exciting events and meet with little fairies, mermaids, Indians, and pirates. Required to act as a mother, Wendy never has a moments peace with all that is happening around her, including breath-taking fights with pirates. Later in the series, they set off to find a buried treasure with a map that they obtain from the pirates.

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Also known as: Peter Pan & Wendy, ピーターパンの冒険, Sekai Meisaku Gekijou, Peter Pan no Boken, Adventures of Peter Pan

Genres: AdventureFantasy

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[C1]Peter Pan no Bouken - 37[XviD][BD97C792].avi 8 164MB

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