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Mylene Hoffman, a beautiful cyborg spy with the codename "009-1" lives in an alternative world where the cold war never ended, continuously on-going for 140 years. The world is split into two factions, the West and the East block. A masquerade of peace between the two is slowly dissipated as the conflict occurs. Through politics, the two factions battle over supremacy over technology to threats of a nuclear attack. Mylene Hoffman, teaming up with three other agent, gets surrounded by deception, chaos and rivalry as she carries out missions assigned by her superiors. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

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Also known as: 009-1, ゼロゼロナインワン, Zero Zero Nine One

Genres: ActionMechaSci-FiSeinen

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[Exiled-Destiny] 009-1 Ep01 (55B3F354).mkv 8 340MB
[Exiled-Destiny] 009-1 Ep02 (3F70F86F).mkv 8 339.9MB
[Exiled-Destiny] 009-1 Ep03 (FB9E7124).mkv 8 340MB
[Exiled-Destiny] 009-1 Ep04 (D56D2EF0).mkv 8 340.1MB
[Exiled-Destiny] 009-1 Ep05 (CCDCECA0).mkv 8 340MB
[Exiled-Destiny] 009-1 Ep06 (0D8C2EF5).mkv 8 340.1MB
[Exiled-Destiny] 009-1 Ep07 (DD482664).mkv 8 340.1MB
[Exiled-Destiny] 009-1 Ep08 (9780A29A).mkv 8 340.1MB
[Exiled-Destiny] 009-1 Ep09 (D80E871F).mkv 8 340MB
[Exiled-Destiny] 009-1 Ep09.5 (4a940426).mkv 8 339.8MB
[Exiled-Destiny] 009-1 Ep10 (974BD1B8).mkv 8 340.2MB
[Exiled-Destiny] 009-1 Ep11 (B0F6F681).mkv 8 340MB
[Exiled-Destiny] 009-1 Ep12 (F7400822).mkv 8 340MB

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