Download Anime OST album Key the Metal Idol Original BGM Soundtrack

Album name: Key the Metal Idol Original BGM Soundtrack
Total files: 36
Size: 61.11 MB

Files Size
01. ruins ~ part a.mp31.02 MB
02. ruins ~ part b.mp31.03 MB
03. the sun ~im reach with warm affection~.mp31.98 MB
04. memory ~mamio valley theme~.mp31.70 MB
05. separation ~the death of murao~.mp31.86 MB
06. decision.mp31.50 MB
07. suspense ~a fight, quiet... suffering~.mp31.44 MB
08. an uneasy memory.mp31.95 MB
09. reunion ~joy~.mp31.40 MB
10. slow suspense ~the evil plot~.mp31.43 MB
11. escape from danger ~in tempo~.mp31.54 MB
12. fear closing in ~strong and silent~.mp31.41 MB
13. a journeys beginning ~desire~.mp31.47 MB
14. sadness.mp31.20 MB
15. worry, heartache ~as an android~.mp31.78 MB
16. relief when the case is closed.mp31.85 MB
17. refreshing dawn.mp31.79 MB
18. the turned back of someone lonely ~key~.mp31.58 MB
19. research laboratory ~a strange chill~.mp32.20 MB
20. a cold, icy smile.mp32.22 MB
21. prince snake-eyes theme ~religious~ ~ part a.mp32.08 MB
22. prince snake-eyes theme ~religious~ ~ part b.mp32.07 MB
23. prince snake-eyes theme ~religious~ ~ part c.mp31.99 MB
24. love.mp32.47 MB
25. happiness.mp32.46 MB
26. feeling delight.mp31.93 MB
27. mad with terror.mp31.81 MB
28. feeling excitement ~ part a.mp31.45 MB
29. feeling excitement ~ part b.mp31.43 MB
30. feeling excitement ~ part c.mp31.42 MB
31. feeling passion.mp31.26 MB
32. hearts quivering in excitement.mp31.47 MB
33. battle ~ part a.mp31.74 MB
34. battle ~ part b.mp31.58 MB
35. friendship.mp31.46 MB
36. bright and happy.mp31.64 MB
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