image of anime Shakugan no Shana Movie

Shakugan no Shana Movie

Sakai Yuuji is a regular high school student. On his way home, he encounters a monster that sucks up human life. On the brink of his death, a girl called a "flame haze" appears and saves him. Sakai then finds truth in his life and reality around him. An alternative retelling of the original "Shakugan no Shana" first chapter.

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[SS-Eclipse] Shakugan no Shana Movie (XviD) [7176C428] 3 299MB
[SS-Eclipse] Shakugan no Shana Movie (XviD) [7176C428] 3 299MB
[SS-Eclipse] Shakugan no Shana Movie (XviD) [7176C428] 3 299MB
[SS-Eclipse] Shakugan no Shana Movie (XviD) [7176C428] 3 51.5MB

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