Just a quick note 

I would like to give a big thank to all of our members who have supported us last year. Wish you have a happy and lucky new year of the horse.

We will need your support this year as well to keep providing free anime and drama. Happy new year~~ 

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I would like to give a big thanks to our members and supporters for supporting us all last year we hope to get more of your supports this year as well.

Hope that you all will have nice holidays coming with a year full of happiness.

I would like to give my big Thanks to all of our members, who have supported us for a long long time since the day our site is up and running. 

We have our new files server arrived today, and I am installing needed softwares and configure the networking. We will see our new server soon and I will update all missing series as requested. Sorry for the delay all this time.

Even though the new server cost ~$1000 (cheap deal), and we have x24 slot for HDD, but I can only afford 2x1TB for now. So we will begin with 2TB of space and adding more as we grow.  So, I will need all of your guys help by supporting us (donation, introduce us to your friend, share us on facebook...). I will increase the donation target next month (around $50 only), so please help us fullfill our goal as you have done before 

From now on, all files bigger than 300MB will be place on server #4, and files smaller will be place on #3 to make sure least file split possible.

Sorry for the delay updates and the problem with files server #2, and hope that you will continue to support us for a long time

You should notice since several days ago, files server #2 has gone offline, and some series has disappeared. 

I have contacted to have the data recover but no news until now, as we have 10 HDD on that server and they've gone astray.
In the mean time, if you have a series which shows no files on the archive and want to download it, please post a request in the request forum and I will put it on files server #3.
Sorry for any troubles caused  Maybe we should get rid of that old server model and get a brandnew server with 24xHDD already.

 took me 12 hours working non-stop to convert the data from the old site.

And here we are, the brand new chauthanh.info 

You will notice there're some new functions integrated into the site:
- The Upload section, allow you to provide links to us (torrent, directlink, freehoster...) so we can add them to our site's collection.
- Brand new design 
- Faster speed  (yeah I hope so)
- Remove the Anime Lyric, we don't need that anymore.
- Forum with new interface and new editor. 

And, of course we are still lacking some functions, which I will add them within next week:
- The search box  (I will make it site-wide search-able)
- The free premium links maker (you can submit anime to us to earn points, and when the function is up you can use it right away)
- Design fix? Anyone has ideas to improve the theme please don't hesitate to contact me.
- Error? Any error please contact me at once.

All other functions will be working properly, including the donate function, pm function, and the download speed should be normal.

Thanks for all of your support. Hope that with our new site, we will bring you more and more anime, and we will continue to get your support in the future.